Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Book Organizers

Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed reading. For years I have been a book-junkie, book-a-hol-ic you name it. But it is only recently that I have discovered the online tools for book organization. The ones that I have discovered so far are as follows:
LibraryThing is by far my favorite. It is the easiest to work with and has great groups for discussion, etc. Finding books is not difficult and changing them from one shelf to another is as easy as a click. I strongly recommend this one. I was invited to Goodreads by my brother's God-sister and am completely hooked. Plus their widgets are better.

my 'currently-reading' shelf:


Shelfari is great too... my second favorite I would say. Upon learning and being enthralled with I invited my oldest sister to join. She said she did not have time, something about four kids under the age of five to look after, but that she has seen something like it before called Shelfari. So the good little book-junkie that I am, I looked it up. Shelfari is colorful and has many more types of groups and specifics to choose from, but changing thing around on your shelves, or adding books is a little like pulling teeth. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I stay on that site purely for the community that it provides and in hopes that it will improve.

[More info added on Shelfari a few hours later... Oooooo... Shelfari has been bad. Read the following two blogs: thingology and Otis. Also, just google it or look for Shelfari data in the news... Ouch. BOOK NETWORKING USERS BEWARE!!!!]

LibraryThing... I found this one googling around and the impression that I have been given is that it was the first in the category of online networking book organizers. But the kick to the gut was once you reach 200 books you have to buy a membership to add any more. HELLO? All my money goes to buying books, so why would I pay for an organizer when I have access to two others for free that are fabulous? Definitely not. But the cool thing they did have was the scanner. Scan any book ISBN barcode and it's found and added to your library. Now that is just cool.

Just wanted to share... Oh and feel free to come and join me on any of the sites. :)

<3 MJ

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