Friday, January 25, 2008

Flannel Quilt in Progress

This is my blue flannel quilt in progress. It will be named something with "Blue Flannel" in the title, why you ask? Because growing up there were these blue flannel sheets for a twin bed, and I loved them! Loved them so much that they became holy... and then my wonderful mother cut the sheets up and made them into many pillowcases... STILL USE TODAY! Except for a little of the fabric, which is in process to be made into a babbie. (How does one spell babbie? babie? BAAAH-BEEE) Love the blue flannel. In process of making this quilt, I fabulously sewed one side completely backward and then the middle block doesn't meet up... So now it is need of tweaking, but at least you can see it laid out and get a general idea. - MJ

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