Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cloth Diapers Adventures: My Beginning

During my pregnancy so far I have been doing a lot of thinking and researching. From gathering coupons to deliberating on the idea of homemade baby food for money savings, I have been in non stop research mode. Trying to eat fresh and sometimes organic when I can afford it to avoiding toxins and things in general that could be bad for me or my baby has kept me busy. Looking into toys that are more than just bright colors and provide some education or tactile stimulation and deciding on colors and furniture for my little one to come has been incredibly long winded.

One of the first set decisions that I made was that we are going to breastfeed only and use no formula. The second decision is to cloth diaper, and we will plan to do it full time. I will probably eventually go into detail on many of my various decisions and why, but first I wanted to touch on cloth diapering.

I know what some of you are thinking, cloth diapers?! Good luck! Well, things have come a very long way in the realm of cloth diapering in even the last five to ten years and I hope that I can give you a slight insight into some of that in the next few months or so...

First off, my leaning toward CD (cloth diapers) has a lot to do with my desire to stay away from disposables as much as possible.

  • Almost all "sposies" are made using bleach and other harsh chemicals in the plastics of their material.
  • Sposies are a huge and horrible contribution to landfills everywhere and can take more than 500 years to break down!
  • The long term savings of CD to sposies is unreal. One can save more than $1,500 in one year for one child and then if you take care of your CD you can save around $4,000 on a second child and imagine the savings on more!!
Another pull for me was that my sister is already involved in the CD world with her children. She has three now out and two currently in and other than a rare occasion will never go back to sposies. Other than that there are several reasons here and there. They are simplistic once you understand them. Different types are available to find what works best for you and your babe. The designs and colors are absolutely adorable and beyond better than any sposie you could ever dream about!

At this point, I have about 53 days left until my little gal is due to join us outside of the womb (She kicks in agreement as I type). I am trying to grow my cloth diaper stash and trying to get many different types so that I can try various ones and let you all know what works for me and why and how it might work for you or someone else you know with a baby in CD. I still have a bit to go, but if you know of specific brands that you have heard about and want to know more, LMK and I'll see what I can find and attempt to acquire some for review.

At this point my reviews will consist of the following types of diapers, but I hope to add more:
Bummis - prefolds, cloth diaper covers, disposible liners, and more
FuzziBunz - One Size (OS) and Perfect Size in Medium Pocket diapers
Kissaluvs - fitted cloth diapers (with a cover)
BambinoMio - newborn trial pack (cover with liner and insert)
Kushies - infant diaper and liners
Bamboo Baby - OS All in One (AIO)

Are you already involved in CD or know someone who is? What diapers do you use or want to try?

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Anonymous said...

Good for you! All five of my sister-in-laws are raising their children on cloth diapers. I babysit a lot so I get my fair share of cleaning up grandkids!! Let me tell you, I rejoice by the time they are potty trained...!

Beside we were all raised on cloth diapers, right? All of our moms did it, so it can't be that bad. The worst for me is the unpleasant smell on your hands you get from cleaning them. But I learned something from your post, I didn't know you could buy disposal liners...which brings me to my next point, I've never used store-bought cloth diapers. We make those and the liners. I'm going to look at some of your attached links. It's a very tedious chore making diapers/liners, not complicated...but monotonous.

CherryBlossomMJ said...

In the future posts, I hope to give a good overall of what, why, how and etc on each different type of diaper I come across. So hopefully I'll be able to explain the now versus the then.

As far as the unpleasant smell on your hands you mentioned... these cloth diapers consist of shaking over a toilet, and washing in the washing machine, and your done... no smelly hands here thanks!

B said...

I'm CDing and using eco-friendly disposables while she's a "big girl school" (I refuse to call it daycare :)) I use QT Bunns from here's her link one of my very good friends also uses QT Bunns exclusively. We both love them, they are "eco"nomical. Definately pay attn to the sizing. AND she does custom orders for other colors. Good luck and I hope it goes as great for you as it has for me!

CherryBlossomMJ said...

B- I had not heard of these, I will have to go check them out!

Jeff9 said...

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