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Cloth Diapers: A Guest Post and Introduction to CD Bummis

As I mentioned previously in a post, SisterL is one of my main influences for wanting to go cloth with diapering future with my baby girl (now blogging affectionately named AppleBlossom). I asked her advice on brands and types and the first thing out of her mouth was "Bummis". She said if I buy anything, I should definitely invest there. So I asked her to be a little more detailed for my readers here so that I could understand and help explain why Bummis is a fabulous choice for CD.

I started cloth diapering DD1 (second child) at 3 months with the medium sampler kit from Green Mountain Diapers (before I knew of or at GMD still has great things and her guide is great to pass on to new mamas but shipping was always a lot so items had to be on sale to entice me). It had bummis, a re uz em AIO, prefolds, and some pull-on covers, shortly thereafter I bought two medium FB (only color in my small stash). I was just using during the day and at home.

I slowly added 2-4 at a time and, other than the Mother-Ease one-size fitted/wool cover for night time after DD2 was born, the bummis/prefolds were the best investment by far. Over the past 5 years (of constant use but in different sizes on DD1, DD2, DS2, and DD3), only two have lost snaps and one the company replaced with the forethought of sending the next larger size up (was a small; they sent a medium). My first prefolds are finally wearing out before the bummis covers!

It is very quick to fold up and insert the prefold (with the premiums' extra folded in the back for night time/front for boys during the day--except in larges where they lay flat). They almost always wash clean, and if not, 30 minutes in the sun takes care of most all stains (I think I have a dark chocolate ice cream stain from a well enjoyed first birthday on one but it is on the outside). I've never used bleach on them--just bac-out and an oxy cleaner a handful of times.

The ease of washing them with the diapers is great. I've stopped using anything I have to wash separately. I have dried them a handful of times as recommended if they ever seem a little less than waterproof and because of this trick, making them the perfect diaper cover fabric in my opinion, I haven't felt like I need to cry if one slips into the dryer thanks to little hands helping with the laundry.

I do like the snaps best (one less step in washing) and early on got over having to always snap evenly when one less snap fit better around the waist. Always check the legs fit when doing this but it has never been a cause of leaks for us. Their rise up the back has never been a problem when using over other fitted diapers (sometimes if midsizes, you have to size up for a fitted diaper if not using a prefold). The elastic edging has a nicer feel than with other brands I've tried. While some children will have a blowout no matter what they are wearing, I've definitely had less trouble with the bummis than any other diaper making them even more attractive since they are less expensive, too.

Additional pros:
  • easier to clean up babe vs pull-on cover
  • more uses before washing vs AIO
  • quick to put on with just one row of snaps
  • can be pre-stuffed for babysitters (DH is now DC qualified for all diapers)
  • easy to dump either in the toilet for a toddler or just dumping the wet/bf prefold in the washer/diaper pail otherwise
  • top flap over diaper keeps cloths from wicking moisture

Only cons:
  • snaps don't come in prints or colors
  • they lasted so long the label with the size on it has worn off :). I can tell the difference and it is really only on the mediums but little laundry helpers need the "M"s, lol!

Anyone else use Bummis? What are your thoughts?? UPS just informed me that my Bummis Cloth Diaper Organic Starter Kit (infant size) is on it's way! So, as soon as AppleBlossom joins us, I will be able to provide you with my full opinion as well. We are fairly certain that the kit shall arrive, before she...

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Megan R. said...

I'm so happy you are going to cd!! We haven't used the bummis prefolds, but we LOVE their covers! We have their bamboozle fitteds, and flushable liners, too. I'm not a huge fan of prefolds, but tons of people love them. Chunky Monkey is just too squirmy for them, now! They are great for newborns!

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Ooh Ooh!! Tell me more about the bamboozle. I'm so interested in that one! I'm really leaning toward the idea of fitted diapers with covers in the future...

Tiana said...

I have been using the Bummis snap covers for 5 years and 3 children now. They are super-durable! I've always washed and dried them in hot water and high heat with my prefolds and I've never had a problem--although you are right, after a while the tag starts to become unreadable. Such a problem to have!
I've been told many times that parents who are new to cloth diapers won't use prefolds--that they're too old-fashioned. What do you think? This is obviously not true in your case.

I'm actually doing some research right now about the kinds of diapers parents use and why. I would love to include your and your readers opinions in my study. You can participate by taking my diaper survey:

Thanks In Advance!

CherryBlossomMJ said...

It is great to hear that you having a similar great experience as my sister.

As far as people who say prefolds are too old fashioned I think they are just thinking of folding and pining/snappi.

Yes there are many quick and easy methods of CD, and the covers these days are much more exciting than in the past. But at the same time with the idea of cloth diapering being old fashioned, if something is not broken, why fix it?

Danielle said...

Looks good. I haven't used Bummis-but we have a trainer for Eliza and it is very bulky. I think they sell them the Bummis kit locally-I am def. going to check them out. Can't wait to hear what you think.

CherryBlossomMJ said...


I'll go into more detail later, but seriously you should look into the Kit. It is a real price saver and one of the least expensive ways currently available for CD!

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