Friday, March 21, 2008

Emma on PBS


Airing March 23, 2008 on PBS check local listings

Emma Woodhouse (Kate Beckinsale, The Aviator) has a penchant for matchmaking, despite her imperfect success rate. Curiously, as Emma is forcing introductions, she seems entirely disinterested in finding a match for herself. �She does feel a twinge of interest in Frank Churchill, (Raymond Coulthard, He Knew He Was Right) and a brotherly regard for Mr. Knightley (Mark Strong, Prime Suspect 6). When Jane Fairfax (Olivia Williams, The Sixth Sense, Miss Austen Regrets) enters the scene with a certain air of mystery, intrigue gets layered into Jane Austen's tale of misconstrued romances.

The Men of Austen
Fancy yourself a better matchmaker than Emma? Meet Austen's heroic, aloof, and dashing leading men, and pick your favorite.

Longing, Betrayal and Redemption
Screenwriter Andrew Davies on the arrogant leading lady of Emma, and why it was his most challenging Austen adaptation.

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