Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Perfect Life by Robin Lee Hatcher: a review

The Perfect Life

I hated this book. I also really liked it and realize the reasons that I hated it were the reasons why a story like this is so important to read. If you have read any of my reviews before you have heard me say that this kind of Christian fiction is not my cup of tea. I'll take it in, but I don't have to like it. Reading this book, I remembered how I felt when I listened to A Slender Threaduthor"> Tracie Peterson by Tracie Peterson. It's close to real life and life hurts sometimes, most of the time. First off my problems with this book, then my likes... The first thirty chapters are a complete depression and drag. I started this book last night, read a little during the day, and finished it tonight. The entire day, I was depressed. Nothing was right, everything was wrong. No particular reason it just was. Katherine faces things that she had never really let herself think through fully before and is ill-equipt to deal with them and basically her body just shuts down. I know how that is, and I don't like it. Lastly, after going downhill further and further for thirty some odd chapters, Katherine finally seeks counsel with God to talk things through. Then before you know it the book is over and that's that things are finished before you have time to process anything and like or hate the outcome. But as I said... I also liked the book. This is my first Robin Lee Hatcher book experience and she is a fabulous author. The way that she brings you in and out of different characters' heads throughout the entire story is creative and works wonders with comprehension and empathy. When Katherine starts to really delve within herself to figure out what she is fighting and faces a harsh reality it is of things that she does not want, but needs to know and acknowledge. I think that these things can really open the door to healing when need-be. Hatcher touches on a topic that many people wouldn't touch because it is too difficult and hurts too much.

This book did put me in a funk because it is painful, but that also goes to show how well Hatcher wrote. She was able to make you understand her characters and bring them to life in you. I do not think that in one weekend everything can be hunky-dorey again, but I do think that a door to healing can be opened if you let it. I would really say that this book is something that someone should read if they are hurting and doubting God's trust, existence, or having human trust issues. But this book should be read with the warning that I was given before I first read the scriptural book of Job. You have to read the whole thing. If you read parts of it, you might like it, you might benefit, but probably will only become angry. If you read the whole thing, you will learn things about yourself that you didn't want to know nor see, but you will be a hugely better person because of it and will sincerely benefit.


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Thanks, MJ, for hosting The Perfect Life on the CFBA tour. I was delighted to read your review.


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