Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Interview with Rachel Hauck for Sweet Caroline

Hey Rachel,

A couple things I was curious about... I'm not through yet, but so
far I'm thoroughly enjoying Sweet Caroline.

How did you come up with
the internal dialogue that she has? (heart speaking to head etc) I
absolutely love it!!

RH: That is a good question! I can't really remember, but I think as I was writing, I felt stale and bogged down, so I just jumped to some other form of writing to communicate what Caroline felt, to show the internal struggles we all have with our emotional side and logical side.

Also, so far this story is reminding me of Sweet
Home Alabama... where does your obvious love of small town life come

Rh: I've lived in small towns or small communities most of my life. While I don't consider myself a small town girl because my high school years were in Tallahassee, I lived in small town in Kentucky and Oklahoma, and my father was the quintessential small town kid, living in the small Ohio town all through high school.

My last question is with your background how did you end up
writing Christian Fiction?

RH: I've been a Christian since I was a child, raised in a Christian home, so it's a natural part of me to weave spiritual aspects into a story. I started writing Christian fiction in the '90s because I was reading Christian fiction. We've grown a lot since those days. I'm honored to be among so many great authors.

Thanks so much!!!


Thanks for your time!!


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