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Kaleidoscope Eyes by Karen Ball: a review

This book, Kaleidoscope Eyes, was a really fabulous read! So much better than the first one, the first one was good, but just too much traumatic events for one book or one life for that matter for my taste. Annie, the main character is different, and through her life of loves and challenges a reader is really able to go on a great adventure. This book is about really love that makes you giggle and feel giddy. It is also about the important and serious jobs in the world that make a difference in other peoples lives. On top of that is is about the crazy people out there, who's actions just do not make sense in any mind. This book had me smiling, laughing out loud, and screaming at the characters to do or realize what I wanted them to. Karen Ball did really well with this one, every time I thought it was one way, something else jumped in to show me a different direction. It is quite the mystery that you really do not know until the end. Very glad I read this one.

I can say that you can read this book alone, and it stands by it's self just fine. If do so desire to read book #1 first Shattered Justice. This is what I had to say about it...
If you're in the mood to read something that will pull you through the absolute worse grief by introducing you to multiple characters and then brutally killing them off one by one, then by all means read this book immediately. Once again, I have to say that the reason that I read Christian fiction is for the uplifting joy of realizing again and again that God is there. I guess I'm weak and need an escape and that is what I need fiction for, but I can not handle books like this. Shattered Justice is real life in a fictious story. Real things like this happen, life like this happens. This story does have some terrible turn of events and God does get to show his love and it does end on a wonderfully happy note. It's just not my cup of tea and make-believe. But with that said, I will be reading the other two books in the series to find out what else can happen in the lives of the Justice siblings. All of that said about the context of the book, let me tell you that Karen Ball is a great author. Her writing makes you feel the realistic-ness of the story, and truly feel a part of it. She can rip your heart out and make you cry, but also giggle and laugh with the biggest grin. Even if it is not your favorite cup of tea, give her a chance, every once in a while you need some reality and see it take grief into healing.

Soon, I'll finish reading Book #3 in the series What Lies Within, and let you know how it fares! Oh, but back a couple months ago, before having read the first two I said this...
I've always loved that name Rafe. ;-) Coming into this, I have to confess that I have not yet read the first two (this What Lies Within is book 3). I have, however, added Shattered Justice (book 1) and Kaleidoscope Eyes (book 2) to my reading list.

At first, I have to admit that I was not very taken with this book. Although, every chapter starts with two quotes that are absolutely fabulous! (This is in all three books, and is something I truly love!!) But it is one of those books that just jumps right in
and I don't know if the prequels would have helped out with that or not. The other thing is that the storyline jumps from one characters life to another and in ways that you have no idea who is connected to who or how and why and really as to what is going on.

Ok, as of 2:22pm EST Thursday, (several months ago) I love this book! I have. But, I'm not finished yet... After getting over the humps in the beginning, which I kinda feel were necessary now to get to know the characters and their individual lives without pairing them in one lump sum, things are getting clearer and more fascinating and enticing with each turn of the page and start of a new chapter. Kyla and the kitten.. enough said.. but TOO CUTE! Rafa and his conversations with Livita... so real and amusing! The the elders of the church, old, in-love with the Lord, and full of personality. Even the members of the 22's... real, not always the tough guys like people imagine, they have hurts, and mama's too.

Finding out what this book is about, I probably wouldn't have read it if I knew that it was about... a girl lost trying to find her way, a retired due to injury tough-guy Marine, an inner-city gang and their comings and goings, a couple of elders of a Church trying to make a dream that seems hopeless happen, and a greedy man trying to destroy everyone's life and dreams. But... I cannot tell you how blessed I am to have the opportunity to read this book! It is outside of my comfort zone, but it is so rewarding and true to life. I could almost say it is like watching one of those current day TV shows, with the gang activity and drama of peoples lives, but it so much better because it has the realistic aspects of the Christian life that you almost never see on TV. If this were made into a TV drama, I'd watch it in a heart beat.

With that said, I'm not completely finished with the book myself, but my mind has been made up. This book is a treasure to my reading experience and I strongly suggest it for anyone, especially those, who do not think it would fit for their common genre.


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Mark Goodyear said...

Karen Ball is a sweet heart! I thought it was interesting that you said, "I guess I'm weak and need an escape." Naw. You just know what you like to read.

Mary said...

I so get what you mean. I love reading mysteries but sometimes the authors get a little too carried away. Thank you for the information about what you're reading. I'm looking for good reads to take on my vacaton.

Here's one you definitely want to check out. It's called, Dancing Above The Waves . By Author Susan Walerstein. It's got love, loss, deceit and intrigue all wrapped up in on. It's a page turner you won't be able to put down.

Thanks again for the book referrals.

Happy Reading!

Karen said...

MJ, thanks so much for all your wonderful comments on this series. I'm honored that you read the books and grateful you persevered, even through the hard stuff. SMILE

May God bless you richly today, as you've blessed me.

In Him,

Karen Ball

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