Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Why I Review Books?

I love to read, and I have loved to read for almost as long as I can remember. I recall in first grade, Mrs. Bice's class sitting in a group of six or so of the advanced readers with those books with three words per page. After that, I also recall reading the first book that made me an avid book junkie, The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi. Believe it or not, I've never read anything else by Avi, but one day plan to. And then, very similar is Jennifer Holm's Boston Jane. For whatever reason, the story of this adventurous girl on her own sparked in me and wouldn't let me go. What is neat is that many books I read and enjoy to this day are similar with their heroine doing something fabulous, even if her battle and journey is only internal. It was probably about October of last year, when I found that I have more time on my hands than I realized that I started writing book reviews to share, well maybe earlier when I joined Either way, I read a lot, mostly Christian Fiction and I find it a joy and ministry to share with others, who do not read as fast as I do (or even want to!), but who would like a good book in a while. Christian Fiction is growing by leaps and bounds anyone can see that if they look, but not everybody is looking, because most people think that Christian Fiction is all lovey-dovey perfect happiness books, but it is not. There are those book available if that's what you're looking for, but there are also edgy, heart breaking romances, suspenseful mysterious that make you want to tear your hair out, as well as anything else pretty much you seek... now-a-days you can find it available in a Christian Fiction novel. As a part of how I get most of the books that I review, I'm not rich you know -- I cannot buy them all, I joined a few alliances who have a main organizer who then gets with the authors/publishers and whoever else that makes it plausible and possible for myself and many other individuals to get copies of books for review. It's fabulous! I'm completely in my zone with this! :) A couple months ago, there was a clash with one such group who it appeared randomly felt that they should be the only one with a certain phrase of words for their title... but it did not make much sense, because other similar groups had been around longer, and the words were so generic that any Christian Bookstore might be in the "wrong" of their opinion as well. Even though the situation was uncomfortable, I believe that most of it was a misunderstanding, and from what I can tell and see in the blogging world it passed. More recently, other flares have occurred. And where I can see the angles from both sides, it is quite interesting why there has to be an issue in the first place. Basically, I will say this...

Christian Fiction is growing, and needs to grow and get more notice.

Christian Fiction is just what it is, Christian.

Christian means to be of Christ. (Am I wrong?)

Christ left it to us (Christians) to spread His word.

One way to spread His word, or gospel, is through Christian Fiction.

When we do what we are suppose to and spread His word, it is a ministry.

-- Okay, take your thoughts here. In the middle ages or similar when a monk or priest was traveling and trying to spread the word of our Lord what was his lifestyle? Another thought, today when you go to church you give to the collection plate. Why? Other than the require Biblical tithe, why do you give? You give because the church has many people to reach out to, and needs the funds to make that possible with buying food and building more rooms, and such. the church that provides things through the money gifted from the parishioners is a very valuable tool in the ministry of our Christian faith. The disciple with a vow of poverty is just as capable of reaching out and helping people in the name of the Lord. They just work in different ways.

To the blogging MINISTRY world out there for Christian Fiction. Quit focusing on who does what and who changes what. The format of the page does not matter. The way of getting to the point does not matter. What matters is Christ and His message!!! I love you all for the different things you bring to this ministry as a whole. But at this point and points previous you are getting caught up in the things that the devil throws temptation and despair in to cause you to be faint of heart. Just because you feel that your capable of providing a ministry one way, does not mean that all other ministries are inferior. The way of getting to a point can be vastly confused, and not even remembered by the time that you get there, as long as you get there, that is what matters.

If you want to pay for a blog tour, do so, it's worth it and if you have the money great.

If you want a free blog tour, do so, they're available and guess what they are just as great.

Money is involved no matter what, it's an evil in this world that exists to complicate things. Just because money is involved, does not make something less of a ministry! It's just a different ministry.

The traveling disciple is capable of showing the light of Christ.

The official church speaker and associate is capable of showing the light of Christ.

Are you going to continue to bicker of each other and make the message of God harder to find for those seeking it? Or are you going to realize that any suggestion toward His message and love is worth existing?

-- This is not directed just as two people, this is directed to the at least fifty or so people that I have heard getting caught up in something that exists, but is being made to be more of a distraction that necessary. God loves us all. He wants to use us all. Let Him.


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David said...

A little lengthy, but a great post. The Christian Fiction Review Blog, patterned after CFBA, has reached people in a different circle, or should I say gave voice to writers that were having trouble promoting their works. We are not in competition with any of these other blogs and wish them all the best. We are simply another blog trying to fill an overlooked group of writers. And we are a ministry. CFRB is run like a ministry and grows like a ministry. Our primary goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus to as many people as possible. Our secondary goal is to unite all Christians in Jesus. There is strength in Him. God bless you for your post. Sometime come by and visit.

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