Monday, June 16, 2008

Interview with Sue Dent (Wild Card Tour)

Sue, I've been doing a little research into your book. Congrats!
You've gotten some great kudos for the book and I'm even more anxious
to read it.

Yes, I'm always surprised when another review rolls in. Especially I
usually never solicit for them! I'd always heard getting those
reviews would be tough and many first time novelists must send out
review copies to get the reviews that people will pay attention to.
Good thing God's in control! J My first publisher didn't have time to
send out review copies. We were on a deadline to get the books to
Book Expo 2006 for my author signing.

What readers do you think would most enjoy this book?

Based on the reviews—everyone! My mom looks at everything I do with
a critical eye and rose above that to tell me she really enjoyed it.
Many CBA readers have rushed to embrace it. Horror readers, Fantasy
readers, readers who like good books—you name it. I'm constantly

What would you like your readers to gain from the book?

I good read. I want them to have a spare moment that they want to
fill with something entertaining and exciting. That's what I want
from a book.

What inspires you as you write?

What inspires you to breath? There are stories in my head all the
time, every day. They're so good that as a child, I'd think all day
about one in particular so I'd could hopefully dream about it at
night. I honestly did this and was always excited when it worked out
that it happened.

Tell us something about yourself that we couldn't discover from
reading your website.

I don't like the horror genre. It scares me. LOL But I love vampire
and werewolf lore. It intrigues me.

I know you've written a second novel, Forever Richard. Do you plan
to write more books in this genre?

I like the speculative aspect. I have several other stories ready to
go that are speculative in nature. Hopefully the next one out will be
my modern day rodeo, western with a bit of voo-doo in it! Oh, yes I
did just say that! LOL

(see previous post for more information on Sue Dent)

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