Monday, June 2, 2008

Missionary in Tectitan

I wanted to share this from my husband's cousin:

Dear Friends and Family,

We need your prayers always, but especially now! Things in Tectitán are becoming heated with discussion of mining. There have been several community meetings in town, a petition has been signed against selling land to mining prospectors, rumors are being spread about our involvement in bringing minors into the area and providing them land to base on, a Peace Corp volunteer is suspected to be involved directly in the mining...

In our last prayer letter we enthusiastically wrote about the land that we were in the process of purchasing with the hope of building a community center for the Tektitek people in the future. But now people are spreading rumors that the reason we want to buy the land is provide a base for peole that will be coming to do miniing here in Tectitán.

Pray that God would help us talk to the right people to share what the land is really for so that the rumors can be stopped. Vidal thinks that if he becomes actively involved with opposing the mining that that will help to stop the rumors. He hopes to use a radio broadcast to explain more about the mining. Pray that God would guide us.

The children and I won´t be able to attend the Bible Study on Wednesday because it is in a romote location and with the aggressiveness against the mining and the rumors about us Vidal feels that it could put us in a dangerous situation.

Please pray for people who know and trust us to speak the truth when others come to them with rumors so that the truth will be told and the rumors will stop.

Pray that the enemy can not damage God´s work here in Tectitán with these rumors and the suspicion that they create.

Cathy for the 4 of us

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