Saturday, June 7, 2008

Quilting and fuse boxes

Today I got the urge to quilt, so I went up to brave the bonus room. The bonus room has one in-vent and no out-vents and the one vent is practically on the floor, which is completely pointless. So mid-winter, BURNING hot upstairs... mid-summer, BROILING hot upstairs. So... that is why it must be braved. I decided to toughen up and try to window unit AC that had been installed. I turn it on... cool air starts to blow. Then POP! No electricity. *sigh* I call the hubby, thinking that it might have been the whole house, but upon getting downstairs, discover downstairs has power. hmmm. So he says, it's probably a fuse, and that he'll deal with it when he gets home. He comes home, fixes the fuse, and we repeat this process three times. Finally he lets me be in charge of the fuse box. Yay?

Finally, I give up on the AC and use my itty bitty white osculating fan that my God parents gave me for college. Never once used it at college btw. So, when the stupid vent had central air blowing and the fan was on, it was comfortable up there. When the central air kicked off it was miserably hot!

So, maybe in the future, now that the fan is available I'll get some more accomplished.

Today, I put several pieces together for the green living room quilt. I also ironed out the old blocks from my Turning Twenty and He Loves Me quilt, and started squaring them up. That was the first quilt I ever started, and had been quilting it, but got so frustrating with finding errors, since I have learned so much since then that I ripped it apart to start afresh. (Not the whole thing mind you, just to the main big blocks.) So now on my agenda...

In the piecing stages:
Turning Twenty and He Loves Me Quilt
green living room quilt - yet to be named
HDP quilt for mama
Fishy quilt for daddy
Faieries rag quilt for neici (yes, Neice plural in the world of MJ)
the fat quarter quilt of pretty colors

To be quilted:
Hubby's odd quilt
It's Snowing Christmas Quilt

To be basted:
Peggy Barkle quilt

Many others to start, fabric already purchased...

Work on genealogy stuff for Daddy's book for next week... Lots of transcriptions and data entry.

Books to read and review:
DragonQuest by Donita Paul - in process of reading
How to Get your Husband to Listen to You - in process of reading
Infidel by Ted Dekker - out from the library to read
For the next few weeks:
Exposing Darwinism
She Always Wore Red by Angela Hunt
Deep in the Heart of Trouble by Deanna Gist
Mixed Bags by Melody Carlson
Sir Kendrick by Chuck Black
(and others, if they ever get here...)
For fun:
The Best Life Diet and the South Beach Diet Supercharged (well not exactly for fun...)
Coming Unglued by Rebeca Seitz (yay!!!!)
Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn (if it ever gets here from the library... must finish it)
A Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman (*sigh*)
And of course, others... I do have an entire bookshelf in my bedroom that is TBR!


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