Wednesday, April 15, 2009

24 HOUR Read-a-ThonS

How did I not know that the 24 Hour Read-a-Thon was this weekend? So not cool! I have not prepared at all, I am not even sure what is on the agenda for this weekend... hmm... I know that Friday morning I have an appt at the OB and then Friday evening we are going to a huge consignment sale nearby. I should be okay to get up Saturday morning, as it will start at 8:00 AM for me, and go all day and then some what into the night as far as I can. Hopefully, my Pastor will forgive me for being sleepy. lol

Now... what to plan to read.

In no way do I plan to read all of these, but I plan to try to read as many as I can. Being pregnant, there is no telling how I will feel and if I will get tired or not. Plus there is no telling what DH will be doing...

Books I HAVE to read by next week:
Blaggard's Moon The Reluctant Cowgirl (The McCord Sisters, Book 1)
A Vote of Confidence (Sisters of Bethlehem Springs, Book #1)

Some that came this week that are calling to me:
No Place for a Lady (Heart of the West, #1) Paper Roses (Texas Dreams Trilogy #1)The Edge of Light (At Home in Beldon Grove)
Stealing Home: A Novel

Books I have been meaning to read:
Brisingr (Inheritance:  Book 3)DragonKnight (DragonKeeper Chronicles #3) Claim of Her Own, A

Others from the TBR pile:
City of the Dead Guardian of the Flame: A Seven Wonders Novel

At least this will be the preliminary grab pile. Although I am sure that other books could grab me when I walk by the shelves.

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Amee said...

I'm so jealous that you have Paper Roses and No Place for a Lady! They sound so good and I love the covers. Definitely read those so I can see what you think. :P

Ruth @ Bookish Ruth said...

I wish I could participate in this one, but I'll be gone all day. I did have my own mini-readathon this past weekend while I was house-sitting, which was so relaxing and fun.

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Amee - I just got them yesterday and seriously had to pull some strings to acquire them. They are all new authors (those three) so I am hoping that they will be good. Look and sound like they will be.

Ruth - I'm actually surprised that I'm available, all my weekend plans ended up being scheduled on Friday. I just hope DH doesn't feel too neglected. For me I would much prefer having a read-a-thon during the week, but I know way too many people work to have that happen. Oh well. Go with the flow! I might just read-a-thon myself sometime too.

Sheila Deeth said...

Sounds great fun, but I think my family have stuff that I have to do. Nice to see your book pile.

Lindsey said...

How fun! Better enjoy these 24-hour readathons while you can! lol

I'm reading A Claim of Her Own right now and it's really good. :-) Stealing Home by Allison Pittman I'm interested in! Oooh, and the T.L. Higley books! Happy reading! I'll think of you while I'm changing diapers and chasing a toddler around, lol.

N.Vasillis said...

Happy reading and good luck tomorrow!

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