Monday, September 22, 2008

CSFF Blog Tour: Marcher Lord Press Day 1

CSSF Blog Tour

Monday, September 22 through Wednesday, September 24

It is time for the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour!! This month we are featuring the new and impressive Marcher Lord Press. I bring you today, an interview with the mastermind behind all of the creative madness over at Marcher Lord Press and, Jeff Gerke:

First off, who is Jeff? :) Born, raised, testimony, anything you'd like to share...

I'm a film school grad, seminary grad, acting major who has had six of his novels published (as Jefferson Scott), has worked as a staff editor for three Christian publishing companies, and is now launching a small indie publishing company called Marcher Lord Press. I'm married and am the father of a daughter, a son, and a yet-to-be-adopted daughter from China. I love Mountain Dew, the Dallas Cowboys, computer strategy games, acoustic guitar, and Jesus.

Briefly, or detailed, whatever floats your boat, what is Marcher Lord Press? What is is one of the best online destinations for all things pertaining to Christian speculative fiction. So if it's about Christian science fiction, fantasy, time travel, supernatrual thrillers, or the other wonderfully weird genres, you'll find it at WTME.

The site has feature interviews with Frank Peretti, Ted Dekker, Jerry B. Jenkins, Tosca Lee, Karen Hancock, and many more. I've got special features no one else has, like exclusive short stories by these guys, unpublished prologues, and more. I've got fantastic visions--artwork by the best Christian artists doing speculative art. And I've got gobs of material for the Christian writer, not least being my Fiction Writing Tip of the Week column, which currently is up to Tip #95.

Marcher Lord Press is the logical outgrowth of WTME. Marcher Lord Press is my small, independent Christian publishing company dedicated to producing the finest Christian speculative fiction in the world. We launch on October 1 with three debut novels: a philosophical fantasy (do elves have souls?), a supernatural science fiction (can robots be possessed?), and a delightful fantasy roast/send-up/comedy/satire.

How would you say that Marcher Lord Press encompasses some "creative madness"?

I think anyone who loves speculative fiction embraces a bit of creative madness. And who should be madder than Christians who love speculative fiction? The holy madmen-slash-creative geniuses.

For more information, check back tomorrow, but also check out my other team participants as well. -- MJ

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Jeff Gerke’s Web site, WhereTheMapEnds: .

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