Monday, September 29, 2008

Lady of Milkweed Manor by Julie Klassen: a high review

Lady of Milkweed Manor Lady of Milkweed Manor by Julie Klassen

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rating: 5 of 5 stars
Upon finishing this novel, I sigh in complete contentment. This is near one of the best novels I have ever had the opportunity to fall deep within the pages and stay for a while.

From beginning to end I had my opinions of how things should go, with the slight twists and turns I never had a clue how the plot would be. Sometimes I could not read fast enough, as a matter of fact most of the time. I would not believe certain things were happening.

This is a perfect novel in regency time and I can see a bit of Austen and Jane Erye. I can easily say that readers of such will enjoy this story. It is alike, but completely unique and what a tale it tells.

Julie Klassen is beyond talented with this work and I am shocked to admit it a debut. You can bet that I will read her new novel coming out soon, The Apothecary's Daughter. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. If I were able to surpass five stars, I have not a clue as to how many I would vote.

Throughout this book my heart was breaking. My soul was soaring with joy. It was one of those scenarios where you want to lay the blame, but within yourself you can see that the sinner is not much worse than yourself. Then you attempt to imagine what is going on and put yourself in their place. What would you do? How would you act? What would you want?

On a personal note, if too personal skip it, as a person who suffers depression, I can sometimes see how easy it would be to walk away from situations so hard with any foreseeable future or answer. But oh how incredible God can be when he works things out through time. His plan for us is so much more incredible than we could have ever thought. It really makes a person think.

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Amy K said...

i had not been planning on reading it, but after that review. i must!

Unknown said...

Already wanted this book now I "CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT" it! I'll have to see how many books I can get with the GC I have as there are at elast 3 got to have's on my list right now and many more wants and I don't have a book budget at the moment.

Jolanthe said...

loved this book too - and can't wait for her next one to come out!! :)


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