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Letter Perfect by Cathy Marie Hake: a review

Letter Perfect Letter Perfect by Cathy Marie Hake

If her own two feet don't end up tripping her, Ruth Caldwell's mouth is likely to get her into equal trouble. But Ruth has the best of intentions. Truly. It's just that her attempts to live up to her mother's expectations of how a lady should act have often yielded…well, less than impressive results. Josh McCain is speechless when he sees Ruth step off the stage in Folsom, California. Sure, it looks like she's been sleeping in her gown for the past week, but with a crown of riotous curls and those deep green eyes, she's certainly the most beautiful woman he's ever met. But attraction is not all that causes sparks between Ruth and Josh. With Ruth's legitimate claims to an inheritance, the Broken P Ranch's future is suddenly precarious. And when Ruth's "accidents"-going beyond even her normal bumbling ways-seem to take a sinister turn, Josh must decide where his loyalties lie.

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This was an enjoyable book all and all. For those of you who may know the other authors I read and adore, I would say this was similar to reading Mary Connealy. This was my first experience with Cathy Marie Hake and I look forward to reading more of her books in the future.

I am not sure if it is the pregnancy hormones or things that need to be done, but I did not zip through this book. It took me a while to read it. When I was not with it, it did not call to me like some books where I think I will go crazy if I do not read the next page. However, I did like it overall.

I laughed, thought about crying, got angry, and snickered too. This story contained a wealth of emotions and a good couple handful of humor. The characters were enjoyable and some detestable just as they should be. I saw clues to what would happen and anticipated the next scene as if it were a film.

Easily, this is a read that I recommend.

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4 comments and creative thoughts:

Amee said...

I should be getting this one from Paperbackswap this week and it will also be my first Cathy Marie Hake book. I hope I enjoy it too! :)

CherryBlossomMJ said...

It is one that I plan on keeping and reading again sometime.

Ruth @ Bookish Ruth said...

I don't know how I originally missed this post! Great review, Margaret. You've made me even more eager to read this. It will be my first Cathy Marie Hake as well.

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Ruth - I hope that you enjoy it. Not my favorite author, but definitely an enjoyable one.

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