Monday, March 2, 2009


According to my husband, "They put a subdivision in Narnia. Only the lamppost survived." Silly boy. This is looking out the Quilting Den window. Yay for snow! (above)

And then, five hours later you have this!! (below) Still coming down equally hard if not more so.

The funny thing is, "This was just the start. Snow has been coming down this hard for over an hour and it's 29 degrees. Yesterday it was 68 outside." (above) And then...

"Still can't believe it was almost 70 degress just 24 hours ago." (below)

Then this is the backyard view. Five hours after the start of the snow.

It stopped after about eight or so hours, and I do not know if it started again during the night. This morning, well my pregnant morning (11:30) it was still on the ground and houses, but the streets have melted. I cannot remember the last time I saw snow on the street that stuck!

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Lindsey said...

Snow is so beautiful, isn't it? :-) Funny because out my window right now it's sunny, LOL. And I live in the northwest!

By the way, your baby (pregnancy ticker) is SO CUTE! ;-)

Julie J. said...

I am really loving the "Narnia" picture!! Being from the North, I'm loving this weather! Tomorrow will be day 2 of no school for me! Maybe I can catch up on some reading!

I agree with Lindsey...the pregnancy ticker is adorable. Speaking of baby stuff...maybe I can get it together so we can meet up sometime next week. I'll let you know. I haven't forgotten you!!

Christy Janes said...

I live in west TN, and we NEVER get snow. It snowed for a good 4-5 hours on Saturday, and we got around 7-8". Some of it even stuck around till this morning....I'm loving it! :o)

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