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Beyond This Moment by Tamera Alexander: a review

Beyond This Moment (Timber Ridge Reflections, Book 2) Beyond This Moment by Tamera Alexander

When Dr. Molly Whitcomb, Professor of Romance Languages, steps off the train in Colorado Territory, she makes a choice--one that goes against everything she stands for. Yet it's the only choice that offers her a chance to regain a fraction of all she's lost.

Sheriff James McPherson's instincts about people rarely miss the mark. He knows Professor Whitcomb is hiding something. He just doesn't know what. When James learns Molly's secret, his own reputation is undermined. But when Molly Whitcomb's reinvented life begins to unravel, it threatens his job, the stability of Timber Ridge, and what he always knew to be true about himself.

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Reading the back cover blurb for the book a reader knows that the main character Molly Whitcomb has a secret that is reputation-ruin worthy. After reading the first chapter a reader knows what that secret is. I am quite certain there will be some readers who will give up right there on this book, but oh how I wish you would not.

This is not a story about making mistakes and moving on with life. This is a story about being a fallible human and living with it. There are times in life where your insides are screaming to just let this moment be gone, or just to be "beyond the moment". Yet, our heavenly Father knows what is best for us.

This novel is a sequel, but is quite a stand alone. It is powerful and edgy and really pushes the limits of your conscience and what-if scenarios. I highly recommend this read as one to deepen your heart and convictions and see the inside of some people you might have just ignored in different circumstances. Think hard about casting those stones.

Read this book and grow and learn from the experience.

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Price: $13.99
ISBN: 978-0-7642-0390-9
ISBN-10: 0-7642-0390-8
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.375
Number of pages: 400
Carton Quantity: 32
Publication Date: Apr. 09
Formats: Paperback

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8 comments and creative thoughts:

Unknown said...

Wow, you sped right on through #2 in the series, didn't you? Glad to hear it's so good!!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking forward to reading this for months now and am waiting for my copy to arrive. Tamera is in my top five favorite authors. I'm eager to see how she addresses this issue (I already know what her secret is thanks to a CBD blurp)! But I'm sure there's much, much more to the story...

CherryBlossomMJ said...

It really was intense and a page turner. It was probably about three sittings that I finished it in.

CherryBlossomMJ said...

There is definitely more to the story. Also, that "issue" is not the only issue within the book that is very important and touched on. I would definitely say this book could encourage a good amount of discussion on many historical issues whether you are talking racial, law, basic rules and regulations, as well as another handful of other "issues".

Lindsey said...

I wouldn't give up just because I love Tamera Alexander's books. :-) Thank you for the review! I would love to read this.

By the way - my daughter is teething... save me! lol

Lindsey said...

Ha, just realized this is the one I have so I will be reading it next! Question: should I read the others in the series first?

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Lindsey, This is the second one in the series, I believe it to be a trilogy. There are about a handful of characters lives that are continued on from the first book, but I do not think it is dependent upon reading the first book. The plot lines are definitely separate.

Easily, I think that you could read this book, and then go back when you get a copy of "From A Distance" and read that one. When you touch on characters that you will have met in "Beyond This Moment" if you go in that order, it will be fun like you are getting an intrigue into their lives.

Lindsey said...

Thanks for the reply! :-) I'll do that - read this one and then read the first one next. It does say it's a novel. I like that she did it that way.

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