Thursday, December 10, 2009

Product Review & Coupon: @Lunapads (on the lines of #clothdiapers)

After making the decision to go completely cloth for my baby's bum, I was searching around and reading information galore about cloth diapers and came across mama cloth products. I was shocked, but it had never even crossed my mind before to get cloth menstrual pads for myself. But if I can handle doing cloth for AppleBlossom, then CherryBlossom should be able to do it too right? *wink* Well into my research the first ones I wanted to try were Lunapads.

Lunapads was created in 1993 by company president Madeleine Shaw, in response to her own dissatisfaction with conventional disposable menstrual products. As a result thousands of women around the world have since discovered that not only are washable pads more comfortable than disposables, but they're very economical and environmentally responsible.

*Thanks to Lunapads for sending for a few samples for review.*

The products I was able to review include:
- Regular Lunapanties Bikini in organic cotton (for everyday use, spotting or light flow)
- Post Partum pad with wing and post partum liner (for heavy flow/overnight and post partum bleeding)
- Maxi Pad with regular and wing liners (for light to heavy flow)

First off, let me tell you how much I absolutely love the Lunapanties! If I had known about them earlier, I would have bought them for my entire pregnancy to wear. These arrived about the same time that I gave birth and I wish I had them sooner! The Lunapanties are so soft and perfectly absorbent for light flow or when you cannot quite hold it when you sneeze.

The post partum pad and liner I did not get to use immediately post partum, as there were a few complications with AppleBlossom's birth that included extreme blood loss on my part and several extra days stay in the hospital and then some bedridden behavior once we returned home for a few days. After all that, I was able to use them and was quite happy with the absorbency, and my only complaint was that I wish I had more.

And now for the Maxi Pad, the one that I would probably add the most to my collection of mama cloth. This is a system, to my understanding, unlike any other version of mama cloth on the market with replaceable liners on the same Maxi Pad. I think it's great for if you're out and about, but at home, I'd rather replace the whole thing because I feel that the rickrack that holds the liners in place needs to be changed out often too.

After my experience with mama cloth, I cannot believe that I did not know about it sooner. It is hard to really review a system with only a few pieces, but already with the simple products I was able to review, I already plan to get myself a good sized stash.

Go to the Lunapads website and check out the various reviews and videos and information galore. Their customer service is the best and I'm so glad I found them!

With proper care Lunapads can last upward of 5 years!

Consider this:
  • In North America alone, over 60 million women use disposable feminine hygiene products
  • On an individual level, this adds up to upwards of $2,500 being spend n approximately 11,000 disposable pads or tampons over a period of about 40 years
  • Over 14 billion disposable pads, tampons and applicators make their way into landfillds annually, a staggering amount of waste
  • Like disposable diapers, these products can take up to 500 years to decompose

Just because I love you and want you to know the wonderful feeling of mama cloth, there is a promo code available for use. The code is "creative09" and it is good for 10% off an order over $35.

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Crystal said...

Hey, I really am shock. And these were good right, coz eco-friendly and all that stuff. Plus you wont be exposed to disposable liners. Thanks for the info. I should really try this.

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