Saturday, December 5, 2009


This is what I am attempting to do today! What about you?

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raych said...

I am unofficially attempting the read-a-thon! Which mostly involves sitting around in my bathrobe with an open book.

MissAttitude said...

Have fun! Best of luck with your reading, and looking forward to your reviews :)

readerbuzz said...

I feel like I am a bad blogger today. I was all ready to go and then my Internet conked out. I had to go to Starbuck's to post what I was reading!

Well, I'm back and I hope to visit blogs for the rest of the Readathon.

You are doing great!

I Heart Monster said...

YOU CAN DO IT!:o) Hope you are having fun!!

Tif said...

I'm really only getting started myself!! Hope all is going well for you!! :)

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