Thursday, December 31, 2009

Product Review: Taggies Soft Blocks from ebeanstalk

Something we have discovered is that picking a toy is not easy. There are so many variables to choose from and there is a website called ebeanstalk dedicated to selecting good, safe
baby toys and toddler toys. But they need help from Mamas like me to help pick the toys. Thanks to ebeanstalk, the toy they provided for review is called Taggies Soft Blocks, it is one of their many unique toys.

Taggies Soft Blocks are great learning toys because each feature tons of tactile elements, colorful images, silly sounds and, of course, TAGGIES galore! Easy-grab, un-stuffed blocks can be squashed into a diaper bag. Clever hook & loop links attach all blocks together for play in the stroller, highchair or car seat. DIMENSIONS: 8.75" X 4.25" X 8.5" PACKAGED

When I opened the box to find these Taggies soft blocks I was ecstatic. AppleBlossom likes them too. There are so many colors and textures! I love the different animals and the shooting star! Two blocks have a bell inside and the other two blocks have the crinkly material, both are great noises that really catches her attention and curiosity. Already she is grasping the tags and rubbing them between her fingers. These blocks are the first Taggies-type product she's been around and already I can tell they are a big hit. When she is more into holding the blocks I can easily see toting a couple around in the diaper bag, and they are no problem at all in size for that either.

  • Introduce your child to the different textures and sounds of the Taggies Soft Blocks. Encourage them to pass them from one hand to the other, to shake them and throw them.

  • Once you find out which block is your favorite, be sure to stuff that one into the diaper bag or clip onto the stroller or car seat. Or, you can link them all together and take all of them

  • As your child gets older, you can teach them the different animals and see how quickly they learn. Ask them to pick up the lion, the sheep, etc.

  • These could not have come to us at a better time and I am loving the idea of seeing her grow with them. From naming the animals and colors, to feeling the varying array of textures and materials, hearing the bells versus the crinkles I'm so excited about the activity and learning with these blocks. After seeing this in hand I highly recommend them and would gladly get them for gifts. I'll give you more updates as she grows in her usage with them in the future too!

    Age: Newborns+ (Target Age: 3 months)
    Target Age
    Children grow and learn at different speeds. This item can be enjoyed by younger and older children depending on their interests and abilities.

    The Target Age is the time most children START enjoying this toy, game or book as determined by our Child-Experts.
    Please be aware of small-part warnings when choosing toys for younger children.
    Brand: International Playthings

    We got these right about when AppleBlossom turned three months, and she was curious about them, but it was not until she was almost four months that she really just started to love them. They were around and she would play with it if you shook it or held it to her, but now she'll grab them on her own and squeal about them too. *grin*

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