Thursday, December 31, 2009

Product Review: Baby Einstein's Baby Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym

One of the first toys that we purchased for our AppleBlossom was the Baby Einstein's Baby Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym. At first she would cry anytime she was put down aka out of Mama's arms, yet after a while she started looking around. It was at about ten weeks old that she was interested in playing or batting around. Her favorite part is the octopus with it's rattle, scrunchy-like tentacles, and now (15 wks) the orange handle.

Let the ocean adventure begin! This soft activity gym features a musical aquarium toy with Baby Einstein ocean characters, classical melodies, and dancing lights. A whale shaped prop-up pillow accompanies baby on this underwater adventure during tummy time, which comes to life with the crisp and colorful real-life scenery of the sea on the play mat. Tummy time is enhanced by the animal peek-a-boo flaps with real-life imagery, and the ability to reposition and attach toys to loops on the mat or loops on the whale pillow. The soft octopus toy is sure to be baby's favorite to take on-the-go. Additional toys include a large fish shaped baby-safe mirror, one set of ocean discovery cards featuring real-life images of 4 underwater animals, a Baby Neptune™ rattle, a water-filled teether, and 8 links to re-position toys.
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AppleBlossom enjoys the different musical tunes that play when I set it on rattle mode. She will rattle the canopy and the music will play, it is so much fun to watch her enjoy the cause and effect. Recently she has discovered the fish shaped mirror. Each time she sees it she seems shocked, but then grins with glee of her face changing expressions where she can see. Another feature that she loves for the tummy time while on the whale is being able to grasp the peek-a-boo flaps. I believe she likes the texture in her hands, more than the actual game of peek-a-boo at this time, but that may change.

What I like about this, was at first it was some where for me to watch her and give my arms a rest, but still have her near. Now, she uses so much energy and fills the room with squeals while I eat breakfast a few feet away and she plays. In the future we will be able to point out colors and animals and a few textures for stimulation. I love how this will grow a bit with her and each week seems to give her something new.

When we purchased this gym we felt that we would like another hanging toy, and thus also purchased an Orca Melody Maker. After time though, I needed something to hang on the pack 'n play up stairs and she needed something else to bat at, so I replaced the hanging orca with the Infantino Peek-a-boo Rattle frog that was a gift.

She loves to bat at and hear the rattles so it works well. I think when she gets into pulling that the Melody Maker will be more appropriate, but for now I'm the only one doing the pulling. With that said she does love the three sounds from the melody maker, two tunes and bubbles.

And then months later, she still enjoys it!

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