Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dear Nancy by Nancy Rue (A letter to you): a review

Dear Nancy: Answers to Letters from Girls Like You (Faithgirlz!) Dear Nancy: Answers to Letters from Girls Like You by Nancy N. Rue

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This is the cutest book I think I have ever seen. It's not another fiction by Nancy Rue, and it's not a non-fiction devotional, but is sure is close. Dear Nancy is just that it is the compilation of many letters from her readers and put into one book to answer all of the pressing questions they they want to know!

Nancy Rue, with the help of her daughter Marijean has put together a wealth of information for current readers of Nancy's book such as the Sophie and Lucy book as is definitely valuable for those who have not discovered her books yet as well.

Touching on everything that you wanted to know about Nancy, more details about Sophily and Lily, info about being a writer, facts about a girls body, family and boys, to being yourself and faith. She covers it all in the hand held volume that is practically a letter written directly to the reader.

It is the neatest little book and I just adore what all she shares. I think that every girl anywhere from 9-12 or so should read it and own it. It is such a worthy tool of devotion for all.

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Find out more about where Nancy is on tour on the FaithGirlz site, and check out Nancy's newly redesigned websites for girls and those tall people too.

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SJ said...

What a great idea! Thanks for posting this...I'm always looking for great books for my girls (ages 5-9 right now, so I'm new to all that "stuff" that's coming up).


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