Thursday, October 2, 2008

Teen Study Bible (NIV) - NEW! : a review

Teen Study Bible-NIV Teen Study Bible-NIV by Lawrence (Larry) O. Richards

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Awesome. This is literally the coolest Bible that I have ever seen. Originally, I had an older version of this when I was in middle school (1997) and I really liked it then, but this new revised edition (2008) is the coolest one I have seen yet. I just love it!

There are all sorts of new features that make this Bible so user friendly. Examples of the new things are a Panorama that keeps the Bible book in view of the big picture. There are key indexes that pull things in for deep Bible studies, To the Point makes the subject matter at hand easy to understand in broken down term, Instant Access is like a letter from God directly to the reader. Dear Jordan is completely neat, It's in a Dear Nancy type scenario that offers great advice to teens. Q&A tests knowledge of neat trivia, Bible promises is one of my favorites that highlights Bible verses worth remembering, and Book Introductions provide a plain spoken overview for each book of the Bible. The most awesome parts are the 20 full-color pages that "explore ancient ruins, enetworking, music and more". But above everything else, the absolute most amazing thing of all that is new to this edition is the We Believe. It breaks down the Apostles' Creed to reveal the biblical foundation of faith. In bits and pieces the Apostles' Creed is explained in an amazing manor.

This Bible is fantastic and I am so excited to be able to have it and share it with the youth in my life. I strongly suggest it for every teen and preteen everywhere. The scripture is the same NIV text that we all know and love and trust. But the additions and inserts are all in common language that teens and tweens today can appreciate. Real things are discussed that kids might not bring up to others, and it is all there right for you. It's a manual and it's user friendly, and that's what is important.

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