Thursday, October 16, 2008

Today, I'm...

... reading Eternity's Edge by Bryan Davis, book #2 in the Echoes from the Edge trilogy and cross stitching ornaments. No, not at the same time. I have yet to figure out how to master that skill, I'm alternating. *grin*

Eternity's Edge (Echoes from the Edge, book #2)

What are you up to today?

I have recently found out that my sister is pregnant, with baby #5. Exciting!!!! So, I had to jump up go to the store and find a cross stitch quilt, because as I started a tradition with my first niece, now each of my nieces and nephews have one. So, now I get to make #7, and I have just about six months to do it! How do I fit that in with all the book reviews?!?! Ack!

Niece #1 (Brother's oldest daughter) received the "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" quilt. It was the first one that I made and took me 18 months to finish, then a little over a year later, on Christmas Day, it was destroyed in a fire (no one was "physically" hurt!) and I was lucky enough to find the same kit again to remake the quilt, and had it completed in three months!

Nephew #1 (Oldest Sister's oldest son) - Not that I'm calling her old... received the "Barnyard Babies" quilt. I knew it would be a boy, and it just worked out that way.

Niece #2 (Brother's youngest daughter) received "Welcome Home Baby" quilt that has cute pastel animals cuddling under a quilt. (This was before I was a quilter mind you...)
I cannot find a picture of this one, but it is really cute.

Niece #3 (Sister's oldest daughter) received "Animal Babies" quilt.

Niece #4 (Sister's youngest daughter) received "Sweet Baby" quilt. (I cannot find a picture of that one, but it has a blonde baby on a pink and blue quilt with a teddy bear, and bunny rabbit and blue birds and butterflies.)

Nephew #2 (Sister's youngest son) received "Nighttime Prayer quilt", but Niece #4 loves it.

So here's the fun part, well just more fun to add on because it is a current plan. When I found the quilt that I wanted to make for Niece/Nephew Unknown # 7 (Sister's soon to be youngest daughter/son)... I found it in store on sale, with the birth record that matches on sale! How cool is that!?! I would show it to you, but my sister is probably watching... so you'll have to wait until it is through and received. (sorry!)

But, because of that, I realize that the other 6 nieci (my word) and nephews do not have birth record cross stitch samplers either... so, the hunt begins!

I must go and find matching birth record cross stitch kits. This is where I need your help! Look at the images and see if you can help find some. I included a couple that I have found pictures of, but not the product yet. And of course, a bargain is always wanted...

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Nymeth said...

Hi! I'm one of the read-a-thon helpers and I've been visiting participants to make sure they don't forget it's this Saturday already. I hope you're ready and that you have lots of fun reading!

SJ said...

Those quilts are beautiful! I used to love cross stitching...havent done it in years though.

I havent seen it on cute!

Carole said...

What beautiful quilts and stockings! I can only admire them, because my talent does not run in this direction.

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