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Silent on the Moor by Deanna Raybourn: a review

Silent On The Moor Silent On The Moor by Deanna Raybourn

Despite his admonitions to stay away, Lady Julia arrives in Yorkshire to find Brisbane as remote and maddeningly attractive as ever. Cloistered together, they share the moldering house with the proud but impoverished remnants of an ancient family—the sort that keeps their bloodline pure and their secrets close. Lady Allenby and her daughters, dependent upon Brisbane and devastated by their fall in society, seem adrift on the moor winds, powerless to change their fortunes. But poison does not discriminate between classes….

A mystery unfolds from the rotten heart of Grimsgrave, one Lady Julia may have to solve alone, as Brisbane appears inextricably tangled in its heinous twists and turns. But blood will out, and before spring touches the craggy northern landscape, Lady Julia will have uncovered a Gypsy witch, a dark rider and a long-buried legacy of malevolence and evil.

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Upon finishing this novel, the phrase that comes to mind is "thoroughly satisfying". I think that it is safe to say that I read this almost six hundred page novel in about three sittings, I just could hardly put it down. It was just that enthralling for me.

Side note: I agree with what has been said about the cover. The original cover for the first two novels was much more mysteries and intriguing to me. This cover presents itself as a romance, and this is so much more than a romance novel.

Easily this novel could stand alone, although you might feel the characters a bit more after having the background of what they have been through. Their stories are introduced well and it does not deter from this story to miss the background, so either way works. The first novel I enjoyed minus one certain part that just bugged me, not the writing, but a plot line. Anyway, the second novel was so much better than the first, so I was excited to read this one. Having already decided that I am a fan of Deanna's writing, I was expecting to enjoy this book. What I was not expecting was to absolutely love it beginning to end.

Of the three Julia Grey novels so far available, this is the best so far. Each book gets better and I cannot wait for more from Deanna Raybourn in the future.

With each twist of the plot and mysterious event to unfold I was shocked and amazed at the pieces that I missed and thrilled with the bits that I figured out myself. Julia Grey brings us through a fabulous journey with not just one big mystery, but bunches of little ones as well that kept the pages turning.

Throughout the novel, I laughed out loud, became infuriatingly angry, teared slightly, and snickered relentlessly. Within the main plot and all the side plots, I definitely feel that the entire story led up to a great overall tale and I was vastly entertained.

It is another one of those books, where I ask, why did it have to end and when can I get more?

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Lindsey said...

Sounds wonderful! I'm definitely going to try to find a copy myself. :-)

Awesome review!

Michelle Moran said...

Fantastic review, as always!!!! I am saving this for an upcoming 18 hour flight. It's the only thing that will get me through it!

L Brons said...

So I take it you liked it . . .

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Lindsey - I emailed you about it.

Lynne - Yes, you could say that. I'll email you tonight.

Michelle - Thank you for the compliment! I just got an email from Jules and I am going to check out her The Swan Maiden soon, I am really excited! Thanks again for the recommendations! It will be a perfect book for a long flight. That way you do not have to be interrupted by life at points in the plot where you want to strangle the interupt-ee. *grin* Hope you have a safe flight and a great interview about your book over "there". :)

Unknown said...

Margaret - I've added a link to your review on mine - thanks for stopping by!

~ Wendi

Unknown said...

Margaret - I've added a link to your review on mine - thanks for stopping by!

~ Wendi

Sheila Deeth said...

Sounds like this one might be a good one to start with. Nice review. Thanks.

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