Friday, January 1, 2010

Product Review: Lamaze Chime Garden

The Chime Garden is a flower themed music toy. Each flower features a different note or plays a song when hit. There are 3 music modes: chime, song segments and full song play. What a great baby toy! Includes batteries. DIMENSIONS: 9" X 8.75" X 6.75"

This Christmas AppleBlossom was spoiled and got two big gifts. One, from Grandmama and Grandaddy was the Fisher Price Classical Super Star Stacker with music and lights. The other was the Lamaze Chime Garden thanks to a new and amazing online cloth diaper store based out of Boston, MA. 

The choices of which to play with are hard to make. 

Right out of the box, Daddy helped her play. 

The recommended age is 9mo and at 5mo AppleBlossom is a "supported sitter" and gets a little carried away while sitting alone and playing, but with support she's all into it.

  • Brain research has concluded that music helps lead the way for learning in other areas, particularly in language abilities. Besides being cute colorful flowers with bright colors, the musical exposure your child will get from this fun and educational toy will go a long way so it's the perfect baby toy.
  • First, your child will just hit and bat at the toys and they will make music. This is great for cause and effect. They will learn that whatever flower they hit it will make a different chime or noise.
  • Depending what setting you have your Chime Garden on will determine if your child will make notes or if it will just play a song.
  • Pretty soon your child will be making their own music will all the different notes these flowers make.

We won our Lamaze Chime Garden from the ClothDiaperTalk blog run from the Mama behind and oh we could not have been more excited! (see excited face above) She has giveaways going on and a fair chance of winning. I highly recommend you check it out. Between giveaways and sales announcements for her store you cannot go wrong with that information! 
 These images were not staged (the foot prop is to keep her from knocking it over reaching for it - hope you like my paw print socks). And she does love the Star Stacker as it sings and lights up. But I think she's attracted to all the pretty colored faces and textures of the flower petals from the garden. (Yes, I agree she is cute.)

Age: Newborns+  (Target Age: 9 months)
Target Age
Children grow and learn at different speeds. This item can be enjoyed by younger and older children depending on their interests and abilities.

The Target Age is the time most children START enjoying this toy, game or book as determined by our Child-Experts.

Please be aware of small-part warnings when choosing toys for younger children.
Brand: Lamaze

Yet then sometimes, she prefers the fist over all else...  The growling and biting at the garden was quite cute as DH pointed out too. *grin* 

You can buy your own at or It's another Expert recommended toy!  

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