Monday, May 25, 2009

Dream Belly Review

Stretch marks are probably one of the banes of pregnancy for most women. When I first became pregnant I was terrified of after pregnancy what my poor stretched out belly would appear to look like. At 7 weeks, to me and my husband I was already showing a bit, but it was not until my third or fourth month when the first dreaded stretch mark appeared. Soon after a friend of mine acquired a fabulous product for me that I wanted to share with you today.

Dream Belly info straight from their website:

DreamBelly is uniquely formulated to address the dermatological needs of pregnant women during times of sudden bodily change - particularly when bellies are dramatically growing and delicate tissues and sensitive skin are required to rapidly expand.

More than just a deep-moisturizing skin cream, Dream Belly was designed specifically for the dermatological demands of pregnancy, and works in two unique ways. First, DreamBelly helps prevent stretch marks by keeping skin supple and elastic. Second, DreamBelly may aid the body in regenerating strained tissues and help fade existing marks.

Along with prevention and revitalization, DreamBelly is a restorative balm that may strengthen damaged collagen and soothe the taut, overtaxed dermis and hydrate dry surface skin.

The DreamBelly formula brings together an array of ingredients shown to be central to skin wellness and dermis integrity, including aloe vera gel, a select blend of natural butters and moisturizing oils, grapeseed extract (a nutribiotic), as well as rosehip seed oil & antioxidant-rich Vitamin E (ingredients recognized for their ability to revitalize skin).

The best part when I first started looking at the ingredients of this fabulous little item was that I was familiar with all of the oils and vitamins mentioned and the best thing of all is the smell! At the first stretch mark appearance I had purchased some of the usual brand of stretch mark cream and with my sensitivity to smells it definitely did not agree with me. Yet, with Dream Belly, it is such a calm and beautiful scent that I was not bothered at all and actually relaxed a bit whenever I applied it.

This is the perfect gift for the pregnant lady you know or if you are pregnant, hint to someone you know that you want some for your own! Dream Belly is available from Fairhaven Health and I strongly suggest you go check it out and see what other items they have as well.

Having a baby is among the most miraculous moments in life. And when it comes to preconception and pregnancy, Fairhaven Health is with you every step of the way - offering a tradition of unsurpassed product quality, service, and a compassion for each customer's unique journey to parenthood.

*****Here's the best part, well for you readers anyway. *wink* Fairhaven Health has generated the coupon code 'creativemadness' that will allow readers of Creative Madness 10% off DreamBelly and all our products.*****

Now tell me, what was the best type of product you used during your maternity time period or that you have heard of someone else using??

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kalea_kane said...

Great review! I got stretchmarks during my pregnancy and was devastated. I used vitamin E to help minimize them, and also used it on my c section scar. The scar is just a light line and the sretch marks are quite light too. They never went away, but at 42 I don't really need to belly bare anyway. ;)


CherryBlossomMJ said...

Kelly -

Thanks for your comments! I had not thought about using these on scar tissue, but I guess that is a really great idea. With the vitamins and other oil ingredients included this product should work great with that too! Hopefully, I will get to avoid a c-section, but we'll see...

samantha said...

The ErbaOrganics line--my best friend gave me the travel pack so I could try 4 different products and I became obsessed with the belly cream. I didn't get any stretch marks and to this day I will always associate that lovely smell with my pregnancy.

Congrats on the new blog and review!

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Thanks Samantha, I think this faint but floral smell with the Dream Belly cream will be something I remember as well.

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