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Mailbox Monday - May 11th, 2009

As far as the mailbox goes, this was a fairly uneventful week. Yet, I think for now that is probably a good thing, since I have a huge pile TBR and it does not seem to be shrinking in the normal manner and speed it usually does...

This week I received one book for review, and a second book from Paperbackswap.

Deceptive Promises (Delaware Brides Series #3) (Heartsong Presents #823)

Book 3 of Delaware Dawning (HP #823)
historical romance
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November 2008
ISBN-13: 9781602601895

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-- Living during the American Revolution and the formation of a new nation, Margret Scott gets involved with a spy and a life of deception that could endanger herself, her family and the man she loves. --

"If I have walked with vanity, or if my foot hath hasted to deceit; Let me be weighed in an even balance that God may know mine integrity." ~Job 31:5-6

Is deception fair in wartime?

Margret Scott finds she must deal with this question as she becomes attracted to the enigmatic Samuel Lowe. As the tensions grow between the colonists and the British soldiers and loyalists, Margret struggles to determine where Samuel's loyalties lie, despite his reassurances that they lie with the colonists.

Samuel's duties have him working for both sides of this war, and he is often torn between what is right and what is wrong. He promises Margret she can trust him, and Margret promises him she does.

But can promises born in deception be trusted? Can relationships built in uncertainty survive?

Read Chapter One

This is the third in a series that I have read for review from Amber Miller (Stockton). I really enjoyed the first two. You can read my reviews of those here (PP) and here (QP).

Secondly, from PaperBackSwap, I received a hardback copy of Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn. I read this last year and really enjoyed it. I am very eager to have my own copy, since I read it from the library. It makes me very happy. Now, I just have to get my hands on the other two. I do have an ARC of the third one, Silent on the Moor. But I do not have a copy of book two, Silent in the Sanctuary. I would really like to find a copy of the original print in trade paper back, since that is my favorite cover. Yet, all the copies that come up on PBS seem to be Mass Market. *sigh* That is what I get for being picky.

Silent In The Grave

These ominous words, slashed from the pages of a book of Psalms, are the last threat that the darling of London society, Sir Edward Grey, receives from his killer. Before he can show them to Nicholas Brisbane, the private inquiry agent he has retained for his protection, Sir Edward collapses and dies at his London home, in the presence of his wife, Julia, and a roomful of dinner guests.

Prepared to accept that Edward's death was due to a long-standing physical infirmity, Julia is outraged when Brisbane visits and suggests that Sir Edward has been murdered. It is a reaction she comes to regret when she discovers the damning paper for herself, and realizes the truth.

Determined to bring her husband's murderer to justice, Julia engages the enigmatic Brisbane to help her investigate Edward's demise. Dismissing his warnings that the investigation will be difficult, if not impossible, Julia presses forward, following a trail of clues that lead her to even more unpleasant truths, and ever closer to a killer who waits expectantly for her arrival.

I also have my reviews of these three books here (SITG), here (SITS), and here (SOTM).

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Sheila Deeth said...

Interesting, especially SITG. Thanks.

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Yay! You received the 3rd book to review. :) Looking forward to hearing what you think.

Thanks so much for your great reviews in the past.

Btw, you might want to fix the links to those old reviews as the hyperlink isn't working. :)

Feel free to drop me a line when the review is posted.

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Got the links fixed! Must have missed that... pregnancy brain maybe??

Anna said...

We can all use a slow week here and there to catch up. Happy reading! My mailbox is here.

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CherryBlossomMJ said...

Anna you are so right!

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