Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I <3 B&H Fiction

Have you ever journeyed over to Pure Enjoyment?

B&H Fiction - Pure Enjoyment for readers

Pure /pyur/ unmitigated; free from that which weakens or pollutes; fresh, new

Enjoyment /in-‘joi-ment/ the action or state of deriving joy from an experience; something that gives keen satisfaction

B&H invites you to experience pure enjoyment—novels that offer a richly satisfying read, with content that is free from imagery, language and substance that leave unwanted residue on the mind and spirit.

Pure Enjoyment is not a brand, but a promise. Every novel, every story will portray that which is true, compelling, noble, beautiful—and every B&H book will be a praiseworthy work of excellence.

It is everything you want in a novel.

Everything they just said, is so true! I have yet to read a B&H novel that I did not absolutely love! With the different genres of course I had to be in the mood for a specific read whether it was suspense or romantic comedy, but whatever my mood they offer a great read for me.

I was organizing some of my books and realized that I had a pretty hefty stack of B&H Books so I decided I would make an effort to give myself a little mini marathon and read them to share my reviews, thoughts, and opinions with you! As well as the various book trailers, author interviews, and other features that B&H provides as well as what I can put together.

So in the next few weeks, be prepared to be overwhelmed with all the wonder provided by B&H Books.

3 comments and creative thoughts:

Sheila Deeth said...

Okay. I'm preparing to be overwhelmed.

Staci said...

I'm ready!!!! B&H? Bethany House?

Staci said...

I just saw your link at the bottom...sorry!!! anyway...can't wait for your mini-review marathon!!

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