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Nightmare's Edge by Bryan Davis: a review and trailer

Nightmare's Edge (Echoes from the Edge, #3) Nightmare's Edge by Bryan Davis

Nathan Shepherd, in the company of his restored mother and two mysterious beings called supplicants, searches for his father in the land of dreams. With the collapse of the entire cosmos at hand, only his father holds the answers to what Nathan must do to save billions of lives and only God can help him...

My review

rating: 3 of 5 stars
In complete honesty, I liked the other books in this trilogy better, but I still enjoyed this one overall. On the low points, I felt this one dragged a bit, until the last one hundred pages or so, which seemed to absolute fly by. the other point was that I felt confused through parts of the book trying to remember features and events that had happened to the characters previously in the other two books.

Overall, the series is an incredible use of imagination and imagery. It takes you into a realm of reality that is different from anything a reader has experienced before, and then through out in bits and pieces, the reader is offered a deeper meaning to the entire story. It is creative and leaves one open to ask the right kinds of questions to learn about the ultimate adventure.

I definitely suggest reading the series in order. If you attempt to just read this book, you will be quite lost.

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