Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Guest Post: SmartLinks

Remember back in November (oh so long ago!) when I introduced you to my new favorite widget thingy Glue? I had briefly mentioned SmartLinks then, but now I invite you to listen/read my guest and learn tons more about the beloved little blue boxes!!

Today I bring you Laura, a recent college grad, and just started her career at AdaptiveBlue. The official role is the Community/Marketing Analyst, so any questions, suggestions or problems can be directed thus (laura.AdaptiveBlueATgmailDOTcom).
Glue and SmartLinks are both great products, and I am excited to be a part of the team to help bring them mainstream! I am an avid (fiction) reader, love movies (dramas and comedies), and my guilt pleasure is celebrity gossip! You can follow me on Glue :).

Last night, Margaret posted this Twitter message.
"everyone needs smartlinks on their book blogs, it makes my adding to goodreads easier. you should let them know."

So I am here to let you all know the ins and outs of SmartLinks. If you have a book blog, I have a feeling you will love SmartLinks as much as MJ!

SmartLinks are widgets that makes your blog richer....

Let me explain:

When you link to the book's page on a popular site, such as Amazon, a SmartLink is instantly inserted into your blog post. The SmartLink automatically brings together the best information from the web directly to your blog for that book.

These links provide a better experience for your blog's readers. All of the relevant information about the topic is brought together to one location, your blog. The SmartLink includes a description of the book, links to find out more information about the book and the author, and links to purchase the book from a number of different online book stores (you can enter a number of affiliate IDs, helping to generate additional revenue!)

Additionally, like Margaret mentioned, SmartLinks make it so simple to add a book to GoodReads, or other popular social networking sites that your readers may use.

Here is an example, It's All About Us. Now, go ahead and click that little blue box. See all that information! Individuals can pick which site they want to read more information about the book on... because we all have our favorites :) And the blogger can generate revenue from multiple sites.

The great thing about SmartLinks is that it makes it easier for people to read your blog, since all the relevant information is RIGHT THERE. To top it off, just by adding SmartLinks not only will all your future links become intelligent, but all of your past links will automatically include great info.

Does your blog go beyond books? SmartLinks aren't only great for books. They instantly connect your readers to great information about movies, music, recipes, and much more.

In addition to SmartLinks we also have Glue (MJ is a fan of that too :)) Glue is a way of connect with friends around the things you visit. So when you visit a book on Amazon you can see what your friends thought of the book - even if they interacted with the book on a different site, such as GoodReads, LibraryThings, or B&N. MJ let us do a guest spot on Glue a little while back.

For questions about SmartLinks or Glue please email us or Twitter: @adaptiveblue.

You can install SmartLinks on your blog from

You can find me on Glue, by clicking here...

Back in November, I had not been on Glue long. Now, it is part of my daily blogging. It makes things so much easier when I can be on a blog, see a book I want to add to my shelf and then click click and boom! It's accomplished. I love it. I love Glue and I love using SmartLinks with Glue. It makes me very happy.

Anyone else heard of Glue yet? SmartLinks? Are you using them? Do you think you will? Leave a comment and tell us what you think... ideas and opinions welcome!

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