Tuesday, January 27, 2009

PBS Engage - Hey you that follow my Masterpiece Posts...

Today I have some neat news for you...

PBS Engage is featuring Masterpiece’s award-winning Executive Producer, Rebecca Eaton, as part of the ongoing PBS Engage series called “Five Good Questions.”

The series features a PBS celebrity or insider and asks visitors to send in questions to be answered the following week. The blog series has been very successful and we are thrilled to have Ms. Eaton as our features this week.

This is a chance for you to ask any questions you may have about Masterpiece Classic, Mystery!, and/or Contemporary, what it’s like for Ms. Eaton to produce film adaptations of some of the most beloved literature, and about how Masterpiece has changed over the years.

Please visit the link and post your comments and questions here:

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"Five Good Questions" for Masterpiece Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton

Fans can usually name their favorite Masterpiece series without batting an eyelash; in fact, many of them (myself included) can probably even recite some of its dialogue.

This is no accident; executive producer Rebecca Eaton knows how to keep the fans – not to mention critics – happy. Her credits include Prime Suspect, The Forsyte Saga, David Copperfield, The Complete Jane Austen, and Cranford. For these and numerous other titles Eaton has earned 22 Emmy Awards, 16 Peabody Awards, and a slew of additional honors.

We’re honored to have Rebecca Eaton visit Five Good Questions this week. She is our first guest to have been officially recognized by Queen Elizabeth II with the honorary title of Officer, Order of the British Empire. Seriously. more

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