Friday, January 16, 2009

Batik Stars - last two blocks complete!

Happily, on Wednesday, the missing two blocks from my Batik Star BOM quilt came. The mistake was that they had been mailed to my OLD address. Nobody is quite sure how that occurred, but the important part, is that week late or not, they arrived!!!

So I jumped in today, to complete them. The bonus block (pictured left) was a NIGHTMARE to put together!! It's all triangles and all bias sewing and I promise you there must have been some errors in original numbers, but never the less... I was able to tweak and push and pull until it does in fact meet up to 12 1/2".

The 12th block confused me. If you know the original pattern you have to take a double take, because in the fabric pieces that were cut the blue and the yellow were switched. But that is okay. Because I like the way that it turned out any how, even though I'm not a huge fan of the brown splotches...

So if you can picture the last two blocks in place, you know the basis of my quilt!!

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Abi said...

That is absolutely beautiful.

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