Sunday, February 15, 2009

Baby Fund - Target, Graco, and more...

Holy Goodness! When was the last time you looked at the prices of baby stuff?

Just FYI, if you missed the memo. I am 14 weeks and almost two days pregnant! Yay!! We are so excited and just starting to look around at the things we will need. It is completely shocking to find out the prices of the crib, pack 'n play, high chair, swing, car seat, stroller, glider, and on and on.

For the most part, I have found the things that I want, most on the really inexpensive side, but they are still a huge dent to our budget... So I figured, I would put a button on my blog to Donate to my baby stuff fund. Even if each of my bloggie buddies gave me like $2 that would get me closer to where I need to be.

So, if you can manage it. That would be fabulous. Tell your friends! For each person that helps a little, even a tiny bit. I will have a very special personalized surprise for you (I promise you'll like it).

Ok. I am completely finished begging here. We have about 181 days until the estimated due date I believe. And as soon as we can get carpet (we have to buy that for that room too...) and paint the walls (we already bought that on a fabulous sale!) then... we'll start buying what we can... with whatever funds we can find. (Have you checked your couch lately? Mine. Empty. *sigh*)

Toodles and God Bless!

*Side Note* Anyone know of baby products that I might be able to get for free in exchange for a review??

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CherryBlossomMJ said...

Make that 14 weeks and almost 3 days, with 180 days to go...

Lindsey said...

It is slightly overwhelming, isn't it? I remember making lists of things I would need, trying to stick with the priorities (hard when there is so much CUTE out there! lol).

As for the reviewing baby items - check out this article on momdot, "How to Get Into Review Blogging".

She says that the best thing to do is just ASK!

I really hope you can do that!

RAnn said...

The first thing to remember is that you really DON'T need all that stuff, and if space is an issue, you may not even WANT it. Buy a new Stroller/Carseat/Carrier combo. Buy a new crib. Hit the consignment shops for everthing else (but remember that chances are folks will give you shower and baby gifts). If you are going to stay home; plan to nurse the baby--much easier and cheaper than formula and bottles, and better for the baby. If you are going back to work, invest in in Pump-in-Style (again cheaper and better than forumula). A swing is nice, but you don't need a new one--you won't use it that long. The same goes for most other things. We used the floor for diaper changes. Most people I know used the pack and play more for toys than the baby--and I didn't bother replacing mine when my baby showed up. You can probably find used high chairs.
Also, remember that you don't have to have all this stuff the day you bring the baby home.
Good luck!

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Lindsey, thanks for the article link, I'll check it out.

RAnn, thanks for all the advice! Yes, I'll be staying at home and nursing, so points for me there. *grin*

Definitely want a Travel System, so we are currently researching those as well as looking for a pattern we like. We're hoping perhaps the Target gift cards will add up... Used swing.. must seek. Used high chair... might have found one of those... (from a friend)

And the best advice of all... We do not have to have it all day one. Well minus the car seat, but woohoo!!

Update: My mom bought us a pack and play with a changing tray for early changes (like up to 25 lbs). It will serve as the "bed" until we find the good new one, and then later it'll be downstairs while the crib upstairs. So something has been accomplished!

Amy K said...

Margaret, HIT THE GARAGE sales!!!!!! Buy it cheap.
the only things we bought new were mattress (75% off), carseat, crib(gifted), dresser, diapers. everything else was received on from our registry (and tell people to BUY FROM THERE!!! i had a family shower and only got 2 things off registry).
we hit a large community garage sale and walked out with a packNplay overloaded with stuff for $130! also check out here is the link for GA pick the city/cities closest to you and search under the baby section. i got boppy, swing, clothes, Pump N Style and all supplies, and many more things for a lot cheaper!!
also check out and see if they have a Freecycle in your area. it's an online listing of people giving away or wanting things... all for FREE!!! got blankets, swing, packNplay, stroller, carseat and foam floor tiles all for free!
the only things I highly recommend getting a brand new is a mattress and carseat!! research the laws and the best for you. consumer reports gave Chicco carseat the safest rating.
email me if you have any other questions.
<3 amy

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