Monday, February 9, 2009

Crafty moi

In the past few weeks, I have been very busy attempting to be crafty. I have been sewing the rows of my Batik Star BOM Quilt to the sashing, and now the only step left is to sew it all together. Other things that have kept me at the sewing machine are baby gifts. *grin* I was able to make a bib for my friend Lindsey's Emma and also a couple blankets and other things for my friend Amy's brand new Tristan. Also, I was able to make somethings for the newest babies in our church (a girl born in November - my birthday actually - and a boy born in December). Also, I made a dish cloth for my DH's grandmother (she's 91!).

These things have kept me busy and I love it! I even made my self something... I could not help it!! My mother is running a slight word of mouth business now for these baby gifts. So if you need a gift, or know someone who might... Well word of mouth is nice. We are not looking to make a profit really, just it is fun and we need to pay for supplies and that's about it. So email me, if you have any questions madebymardi(at)gmail[dot]com (ask for Margaret).

The latest project is my absolute most exciting!!! The reason for the blog post actually... Being a quilter one of the things that you have to do is set out your blocks before you sew them, so that you know what they will look like. Usually, I use my floor space (that happens to be a good amount in the Quilting Den) and all is well. Well... I am pregnant, in case you did not know, and my body is releasing this hormone called relaxin (if you need more details, email me or comment and I will refresh my nursing skills in an email for you *grin*). This hormone basically is "relaxing" - notice the name - my hips and other bone joins (and more). So crawling over the floor to arrange fabric is really not the best idea and I end up in pain for days later.

So after begging and pleading and then coming up with a great plan. I convinced DH that I needed a quilters planning wall and I needed it now. So, off we go to home depot on Saturday evening. We were looking for some wood that a woman described as white on one side and about $11. Well we did not find her suggestion, but we did find some plywood for $10, and then when we were about to tote it off, fabulous DH found some for $4!! So we bought my plywood and then DH came home tired and refused to go to Wal-mart, but promised to on Sunday. On Sunday after church we drove to a historic neighboring town for a good restaurant. Well being my normal pregnant self, absolutely nothing appealed. So I ate the appetizer of one chicken finger with wonderful honey mustard and then three fried motzarella sticks and could not fathom anything else. It was okay though, because DH enjoyed those left overs later. On the return trip, we stopped at Wal-Mart in that town and bought a set of twin flannel sheets. The only color they had was tan or red, so we went with tan. Then came home. We figured that we could use the fitted sheet on my smaller piece of board (explain later), but then found out alas we could not and needed another flat sheet. Ugh. Into the car we went to our local store to find another set of the sheets, but alas they have none! The clerk tells us that they all went on sale and are gone! NO!!!!! So, DH being in an extremely good mood says, get in the car. I am extremely distraught, but trying not to show it. Well he gets on the road, but not pointed toward home. He drives back to the historic neighboring town's Wal-mart to get me the last set of sheets!!! We get there at 7:50pm and they close at 8, it is the LAST set, and we get it!! This town is a 24 mile drive one way. So he has already driven over two hours for this project today! He loves me. So we get home, and he puts it all together (see image proof) and I have a planning wall!!!

Now for you quilters, dying with envy, let me tell you. This wall is two sheets of plywood covered in flannel sheets. Very pretty tan sheets actually. One piece is 4x8' and the other is cut shy of 4x8' to fit my 82" wall section. So. I have 81.5"x 96" of planning wall space. Are you oohing and ahhing?! Are you wanting to come over yet? *sigh* It is amazing and wonderful, and I am really glad that I have a step ladder...

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CherryBlossomMJ said...

Also, for those interested in making a similar planning wall. All in total, this wall cost about $30, but is so worth it.

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

We have a few things in common--a love for Christian fiction and genealogy. I'm not quite as handy with a sewing machine, but I am truly blessed to see people who are talented like you. I wish I could so, but I alas, I write.

Many blessings,

CherryBlossomMJ said...

L - Title typo is fixed!

Jennifer, Welcome to my Creative Madness!!! I'm going to go check out your website next. My mother was always sewing us something, so I am sure that's where my comfort with the machines came from. The quilting was something that I picked up after leaving college and moving out to the country with DH and needing a good hobby. I'm now very much addicted. *grin* And Genealogy I get from both sides of the family honestly.

Lindsey said...

How COOL! lol Even if I have no idea how it works. :-) Wow, your hubby does love you! What a blessing.

I saw the quilt you just finished too and it is AMAZING! I wish we weren't like a billion miles away from each other because this is something I would love to learn, and no one in my family or acquaintance has this talent. I have parts of a quilt that I started before I got married in a box somewhere - Victorian girls in dresses on blocks of white muslin - I hope I can finish it someday. John's mom was helping me, but she moved.

Keep it up! You planning a baby quilt anytime soon? ;-)

Anna said...

Looks like you've been busy! And congrats on the baby!

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