Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Guest Review (Amy): Jessie by Lori Wick

Jessie (Big Sky Dreams, book 3) Jessie by Lori Wick

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I enjoyed the story, but it seems like the story was too small and she had to add other people's conversations in to make up enough pages. there were too many breaks, jumping back and forth between people and locations... many times with just a few paragraphs. I've always like Lori's books... but lately she has been lacking.

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Mine and Amy's opinion were very similar! What gives?? I want more like the old stuff. I agree with the theory that someone put out that she was writing this one in a hurry, just too rushed.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't read this one yet. It's on my TBR pile. But I agree that she used to write better, her latest releases don't compare with The Kensington Chronicles (my favorites by her) and other sets she wrote.

Someone told me that Jessie is the continuing story of a couple we met in Yellow Rose Trilogy series (the second book, A Texas Sky). Seth and Jessie were the couple that kept Darcy hostage when Seth kidnapped her...mistaking her for someone else...I remember how Darcy witnessed to Jessie, getting a warm reception…that's why I'm anxious to read this!

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