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Wanted by Shelley Shepard Gray: a review and peek inside

Wanted (Sisters of the Heart, Book 2) Wanted by Shelley Shepard Gray

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*This review is from reading an ARC.*

The first book in this Sisters of the Heart Series, Hidden (my review), was absolutely fabulous and a wonderful romance full of suspense. This second book is good, and I enjoyed the read and love the characters, but it was not very exciting to me. At least not in any comparison to the first book and other Amish books out there.

As a theme for this book, the idea of being "wanted" is nothing new to most people, and our Katie wanting to be wanted and going after that attention (in her past) in poorly advisable ways is not terribly surprising. What was surprising is how she talked about her past as if she had done something completely unforgivable. That comes just from the back of the book blurb with "Will Katie be able to forgive herself for her transgressions and allow herself to move forward in her life? Or will her inability to receive God's love keep her from everything she's ever wanted?" It was just a little over the top for me.

As a light hearted romance for practically any age to read, this is a good book with a good moral base behind it. Just for me, the way things were portrayed, I figured that something more exciting to repair from had existed.

I love the first book in this series, and I cannot wait for another and more from this author in the future. But this book was slightly boring to me. I'm sorry.

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