Friday, February 5, 2010

Help 'a Mama out

Some of you may know about the trials of last year and this... but long story short for those who do not. The year started with our finding out that we were finally pregnant and then the year proceeded with a high risk/multi specialist visit pregnancy with a few scares, but ending with a perfect AppleBlossom. A few months into the pregnancy, my husband lost his job as well as almost a hundred other people. It was a shock, completely unexpected and very sudden. Four months I had him all to myself. (Frankly the timing could not have been better with two months at the end of my pregnancy and then two months at the beginning of AppleBlossom's life). Now he has a great job and the future looks good. 

With the new job, we had to relocate from Georgia to west Tennessee. Now we are renting a house, and our home that we bought in the fall of 2008 (months before we lost the job - planned on years!) that we both desperately loved sits on the market waiting to be bought. Having a new baby is fairly expensive on it's own. Add several months with out an income and mortgage to that it's a little more stressful. Add relocation and rent to that in addition to bills at both locations is a nightmare. 

In essence, the purpose of this post is to let you know that I have affiliate links to a couple places. I'm just letting you know in case you already are planning to place an order at any of these stores, if you do so through my link I can get a minimum commission. I have been gathering these and adding ones that I know my family and friends might be interested in, but I think that posting to let you guys know there might be a little more interest. Any money that comes from this honestly is really going to help with anything and everything - like groceries and bills. 

It doesn't cost you anything, just whatever you were planning to purchase or purchase anyway. Just by clicking the link, and the purchasing something hooks back to me. It'd really help. 

Most of the time you can find a few select shops top right on my sidebar and all affiliate links at the bottom of the page. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or affiliate please email me

*Note* The Tupperware link does not give me a commission, but it does take you to my sister's store where she is the TW consultant. I highly recommend her, as she has great customer service. And feel free to let her know I sent you. 

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