Saturday, February 6, 2010

Product Review: Silikids Siliskin Glass

siliskin glass

6 oz. silicone covered glass

Toddlers want to drink from a 'big kid' cup. Silikids makes this easy to do with a small silicone covered glass. Easier to hold and protected in case of accidents, a Siliskin Glass is a great improvement to children's glass tableware.
Munchkin Silicone Bottle Sleeve - 4 oz.At the beginning while shopping for the necessities for AppleBlossom I knew that I only wanted glass bottles and that is how I ended up with a 4 oz and 8 oz Munchkin glass bottle. But after a memory from while I was pregnant of being out in a restaurant and having a family drop a glass bottle and hearing it shatter the idea of glass made me nervous. But with the Munckin Silicone Bottle Sleeve that is not a worry. Call me crazy, I with all of the issues going around about BPA this and that I wanted to know what my baby drank was what I put in that glass bottle and nothing more. True that she hardly uses a bottle and is almost always wanting to breastfeed straight from the source, but from time to time with Daddy feedings those bottles have been fabulous and help keep my sanity. 

As we are fast approaching the time for independence with AppleBlossom she is fighting for our cups. She wants to drink from them too. I would like to introduce her to juice and everything I read tells me not to put juice in a bottle. Drinking from a cup is a new skill and one that she is showing interest in. So what is a Mama to do? Every cup that you find out there for kids seems to be back in the world of plastics. They scream, this one's safe, no pick this one and on and on. But I know that the glass was great... so if only I could find something similar... 

Well then what do you know? *Thanks to Hilary Abbott Communications, Inc* I was introduced to Silikids. They have their own bottles and sleeves much like the ones that I used from Munchkin. Had I know about those before, I would have most likely bought them instead as prices are quite comparable.  And to my excitement they have Siliskin Glass that solves my dilemma! Hilary Abbott Communications, Inc was able to send me a sample for review and I am in love! 
Silikids Siliskin Glass, Aqua, 6oz

True that at six months we are not ready for the glass on our own, but it is a start. I can show it to her and once we are fully ready I know exactly what I want my cabinet stocked with. I love knowing that she will be drinking only what I put in it and not chemicals absorbed through plastics.

In addition to the bottles and glasses, Silikids has several other products worth note. Check them out at

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Amy K said...

I had briefly read this post when you first listed it, but was in a rush and didn't go to their website and investigate. I was at wal-mart last week and saw something in the clearance aisle that looked like a slilskin, probably Munchkin's, but I didn't pick it up since it prompted my brain to remember your post and I wanted to read that first before I bought anything. Tristan is wanting to drink out of my cup when I am drinking from it, he does well holding it with two hands, but needs help on tipping the cup to get to the liquid, so mommy helps. but as he gets used to that, the grippy-cup type product would be great!
Thanks for reviewing all this stuff for us to read!

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