Monday, February 15, 2010

Product Review: Canopy Cards



Can you say OMGoodness how very cute?! That is my exact response when I first placed my eyes on Canopy Cards. Thanks to ChicExecs I discovered Canopy Cards and I am in love.

Why should sleep-deprived parents do all the work? Start your baby on the path to doing their share early with canopy card’s baby thank yous with jest. Written from your smart-alecky baby’s perspective, these little gems say it all (so much so that exhausted momma can even just sign and send while still earning her thank you note brownie points….) All letterpress text with swiss dot envelopes, one might say [outside]: hate to brag [inside]: but I look seriously cute in these new threads you sent. Or the ever-popular [outside]: i’m drooling over what you gave me [inside]: okay, so sometimes i just do that. i still love what you gave me. And for those parents who can string more than a few sentences together, there’s canopy’s award-winning baby love letters. Ten letterpress cards come nestled in a chocolate brown polka-dot slide box, each focusing on one of baby’s first-year milestones. Every time the li’l munchkin conquers a new feat, mom or dad pens a letter all about it.
Jen Parker of Canopy Cards sent me a sample of "thank you with jest (drool)", along with a sample of "baby love letter (babble dabble)". First I received the envelope and was already impressed. It is amazing with structured scissors can do. So creative! Then I opened it up, polka-dots of love! (Seriously can I get myself a round business card?)


at a time when you’re most sleep-deprived you have to write the most thankyous. hardly seems fair. but these letterpress, punchy text-only babies do all the work for you.

sold 6 cards and envelopes in each polka-dotted box
8 sayings available in pink or blue

After AppleBlossom was born there were a million things to do. The least of which on my mind was thank you cards. I tried so hard and bought a box from Target of blank generic cute cards and wrote personalized messages in all of them. (Just a few more minutes here and there that I could have been sleeping!) Well let me tell you what! If I knew about Canopy Cards, I would have bought be several dozen, addressed them and been so content! They are too adorable and your gratitude and point is literally gotten across.

I love it! I'm sold. *grin* Go to Canopy Cards and check some out for yourself.

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