Wednesday, February 10, 2010

January 2010

Is my AppleBlossom really six months old? Can you believe that? I am having difficulty doing so. Well we have been in Tennessee going on four months now I suppose and I still like it as much as I did when we first moved. However, our house is still on the market in Georgia and if it does not sell soon I am very uncertain as to what will happen as our savings are beyond dwindling fast. Enginerd loves his new job and his coworkers; I have met a few and like them too. We are attending a good church, although we are still uncertain if it is "home". 

Every day, AppleBlossom is doing something new. Not quite rolling over, but mostly there. She loves buzzing her lips and blowing bubbles. Squealing is a new love and she babbles in a very high pitch voice - I am quite certain she likes to hear her own different sounds. She can sit for a pretty long time after being put in a sitting position and loves to play with her Classical Star stacker and with her Taggies blocks. The absolute favorite toy that I am certain I would go crazy without is her Baby Einstein Jumperoo. She loves that thing way too much and is so excited every time she goes in it. She is very ticklish and loves to be poked in the ribs. We have started various jarred baby food and it is all very entertaining. My favorite part of the day is when the Enginerd comes home and demands his play time with his baby girl. He is so cute with her and love shows. I got a good 'un. 

I am still organizing some reviews and items for my Babywearing series coming up this spring and I am so excited about it! I'm also starting to review and talk about our Baby Food Adventures as well so be on the look out for those sporadic posts. And of course, I'm reading. The list below will link you to Amazon where, if I reviewed it* my review is there. You can also catch my reviews by looking at the archives or going to the navigational page and clicking the link there (ie Historical, Contemporary, etc). (some things aren't linked yet, because I'm having computer issues... but if you want to read a review and cannot find it... email me.) 

  1. Good Night, Harry by Kim Lewis (Children's book)
  2. The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney (Children's book)
  3. Dinosaurs for Kids by Ken Ham (Christian Children's nonfiction)*
  4. The Silent Governess by Julie Klassen (Christian Historical Romance)*
  5. The Dead Travel Fast by Deanna Raybourn (General Market Historical Romantic Mystery)*
  6. Letters to Darcy by Tracy Ramos (Christian nonfiction)*
  7. Thicker than Blood by C. J. Darlington (Christian Contemporary Suspense)*
  8. Your Pregnancy Quick Guide: Feeding Your Baby by Glade Curtis (nonfiction)*
  9. Screen Play by Chris Coppernoll (Christian Contemporary Romance)*
  10. A Lady Like Sarah by Margaret Brownley (Christian Historical Romantic Comedy)*
  11. God's Little Princess Devotional Bible by Sheila Walsh (Devotional)*
  12. Jenna's Cowboy by Sharon Gillenwater (Christian Contemporary Romance)*
  13. The Sweet By and By by Sara Evans and Rachel Hauck (Christian Contemporary Romance)* 
  14. Don't Quit in the Pit by Danette Crawford (Christian nonfiction)*
  15. Top 100 Finger Foods by Annabel Karmel (Children's Cookbook)*
  16. The Courteous Cad by Catherine Palmer (Christian Historical Regency Romance)* 
  17. Beguiled by Deeanne Gist and J. Mark Bertrand (Christian Contemporary Romantic Suspense)*
February Reads:
  1. Three Times Blessed by Lori Copeland (Christian Historical Romance)* 
  2. Fanny and Annabelle by Holly Hobbie (Children's book) 

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