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Breaking Dawn (Twilight Saga, book #4) by Stephenie Meyer: a review

Breaking Dawn (Twilight Series, Book 4) Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

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Seemingly with a good novel series, when the end is coming as a reader, one wants it to go on forever. The feelings with finishing the Twilight Saga is much the same. I despise the fact that it had to end, but since it did, this was definitely in good form.

Breaking Dawn is the fourth and final installment of the Twilight Saga, not counting the The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide said to be coming out December 2008. (I'm excited). This novel is told differently than the first three. Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse are all told from protag Isabella Swan's POV and is one whole book each, while Breaking Dawn is divided into multiple "books" and every other book moves from being as Bella's POV to another long standing character Jacob's POV. It is fascinating and amazing what it does to the story and presents all sorts of details and imagery that would not have been available simply from Bella's mind.

This is a big book, this is a good 700-something pages, getting very close to 800, but it is entirely worth the time for a read. It is amazing how well this book sucks you in until you have finished. The entire series is fabulous, in that you have not a clue what will be coming next, but that is essentially a fact in this book. As a reader, I never would have expected to what happened to occur on each following page.

Stephenie Meyer is good. She really does deserve to be a "Bestselling Author" with her gift of story telling. She was easily able to take a figment that has for almost all time been seen as evil and mold it into a form that is "trying". So many people have fought off this series without attempting to read it, because of a fear factor. I really encourage you to read this series. The themes are fabulous, and it is a great teen read as it was meant as well as an adult read. With love, abstinence, mercy, personal growth, friendship, devotional, and free will as constant themes through out, a reader can learn many things from the forms in which Stephenie Meyer presents a tremendously engaging story.

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Nise' said...

I was one of those that avoided the hype and when my son told me I must read this book, I figured if a book got him interested and he's recommending it to others, I have got to read it. I am so glad I did!

CherryBlossomMJ said...

It really is great isn't it? What was your favorite part? email me..

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