Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm back!!!!

I'm so sorry about my absence! I have missed you all desperately. Boy do I have some great books to tell you about. I'm so worried that they will all come in a rush at you, but please take your time with them, they are so worth it!

I cannot tell you how great having my own house is! It is so wonderful in many ways that I never would have imagined! Today it took hours, but finally we got the internet up and running, and now my computer is practically overheating with all the action. There were a good 500+ emails and more than 2,004 things in my google reader to get to.. *sigh* Emails are sifted, and I'll get to the reader later...

Tuesday is my birthday! YAY!!!! I'll be a whopping 24 years old *snickers*. DH bought me a really fancy camera. Won't that be a great addition to my blogging life... Now if only I can figure out how it works... like I said... "fancy".

While I was gone, I hope you were able to keep up through some of the links I provided with the great books, but if not, be prepared in the next couple of days for a storm of book suggestions and previews. I promise it will not always be this way, there are just so many you need to see!

Please email me or leave me a comment. Tell me, what I have missed in your blogging world?

Want to see more quilts? Hear about house repair attempts? *snicker* Let me know, and I'll blabber on more and more... I just feel like exploding it has been so quiet!! I miss you!!

Oh and yes, do not forget about the new mailing address. Let me know if you need the update.

I'm back to blogging and back on Twitter. So find me here there and a little bit of everywhere...

OH!!!! AND CHEcK THIS OUT! I'm "published" per say. I have a column in the November edition of the Christian Fiction online magazine... GO SEE!!!
Publishers Choice column features CFBA reviewer
Margaret Chind

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