Friday, August 7, 2009

AppleBlossom Week 1 Pictures

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Ruth @ Bookish Ruth said...

She's adorable, MJ! I think she looks a lot like you, but I can a lot of Daniel, too. How has your first week of mommyhood been?

Denise said...

She is adorable!!! LOVE all that dark hair!!!

Carmen7351 said...

Thank you for sharing your precious little girl. She seems to be so alert. Love that dark hair. She's so cute. Hope you and hubby are getting enough sleep. What a blessing!

Lindsey said...

Sooo beautiful! Thanks for posting all the pictures - I want more. :-)

Mary Connealy said...

She's just perfect. All that gorgeous dark hair and the eyes open and she SMILED!!!!!!

Don't tell me she didn't.

These are wonderful. Thank you.

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