Friday, August 21, 2009

Birth Story

Mine's a little odd.

My girl was due August 15th. On July 30th, I had a normal OB check up at 37 wks and 6 days. I was 5 1/2 cm dilated and had felt no contractions or anything, but we decided to go ahead and sent me across the hospital (attached to doctor's office building by bridge). I got all settled and hooked up to a monitor. According to it, I was contracting every two minutes. I still felt nothing. They started Pitocin, which I was not happy about, but they were a little befuddled as to why I was not feeling anything. I stayed on the pitocin and monitor until 11 pm, when the OB came to break my water. By this time the monitor was finding contractions within a minute, but I still felt nothing, except maybe a little pressure on my back.

It was about one AM, when I really felt some pain, and then for the entire hour of one to two AM I was in pain every 20 seconds. I do not remember the hour from two to three AM, but I know the nurse checked me and paged the doctor. Apparently at one AM I was dilated still to 5 1/2 cm, but at two AM I was 9 1/2 cm. The doctor and an entire team of nurses came parading into the room. I was miserably in pain, and the doctor is asking me why I did not have an epidural or anything. She had me start to push, and on the fourth push my girl flew out (this according to my husband).

Everyone kept telling me they do not know how I did not feel all the contractions going into labor. They are also shocked that I was so dilated so early, and then later how quickly I dilated the rest of the way since this is my first pregnancy. The other thing they said is that it was unheard of for me to have gotten her out with four pushes.

She may have come out in a short matter of time, but that one hour, or perhaps I guess it was two as she was born at 3:11 AM July 31st at 37 wks and 7 days, was really painful and I thought I would die. She also gave me a good third degree 3 1/2 inch tear on her way out as well.

Baby girl was capable of discharge 24 hours after birth, but I was kept under observation for four days due to substantial blood loss and the tear.

Oh... and the u/s from the Monday of this week (she was born on Friday) showed her at 6 lbs 11 oz. She was born at 8 lbs 2.3 oz.

We cannot imagine what size she would be if we had attempted to make it to our due date of more than two weeks later!

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Anna said...

Everyone's birth story is different. The nurses were surprised that I was handling the contractions just fine until I was fully dilated. It just felt like a little more than the normal monthly cramps and I could take it. When I asked for meds, they were like, nope it's time to push!

Glad everyone's doing well now. She's a beauty.

Diary of an Eccentric

Carmen7351 said...

I, too, had no pain from labor until my low back started hurting close to labor. I was told to quit pushing, when I wasn't!! Mine was only 6'4 1/2oz. Haven't they ever heard of back labor???

By the way, your baby girl is one of the most beautiful babies I think I've ever seen!!! Thanks for sharing your pics with us.

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Well it makes me feel good to know that I'm not that odd of a case after all!

I do agree, she is quite a beauty. :)

Amy K said...

your OB nurse/friend here says Charlotte was born at 37 6/7 weeks. your OB appt was at 37 5/7ths. (7/7ths = one whole day, but by your EDC of 8/15, you were 37 6/7)

your story is a very rare one. back labor is heard of frequently, but usually more painful. and as a professional, and with your preference to go natural, without your bag of water broken, and contractions already in place and working... why did they start you on Pit???? Unnecessarily painful!!!
Watch your next labor!!! if you didn't have much pain with may not with the next either.
I'm glad all are home safe and sound all snuggle like, with a cute handmade blankie ;)

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Yes Amy, you're right, my fractions were off. lol

They said the Pit was because of visual contractions (on monitor) yet feeling nothing. I dunno.

I would not say much pain, because that 1-2 hours from one to three AM was extremely painful. I just did not go for several hours like normal people.

Thank you again for this babie it's fabulous!! And it's going to Grandmama's and the baptism this weekend too. :)

Sheila Deeth said...

Looks like she was more than worth it. Congratulations. And thanks for letting us see your story. It's too easy to imagine everyone's experience should be the same.

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