Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Review: TSI: The Gabon Virus

TSI: The Gabon Virus TSI: The Gabon Virus by Paul McCusker & Walt Larimore, M. D.


An ancient disease, a modern pandemic, and the one person who offers hope for a cure has been dead for 350 years

In 1666, a horrible disease took the lives of almost every person in Eyam (pronounced Eem), England. Helping the sick and the dying was the mysterious and ghostlike Blue Monk, whose strange appearance terrified even those who were comforted by him.

More than three centuries later the disease has returned, more virulent than before. Every day more people are infected; every hour more die.

The lives of millions rest in the hands of a bio-team -- the Time Scene Investigators -- that studies history to find cures for modern diseases. But the newest member of the team, Dr. Mark Carlson, has suffered a heartbreaking loss.

With every tick of the clock the world approaches a global pandemic. A race against time becomes a race across continents -- to find a frightened boy who is carrying and spreading the disease wherever he goes, to thwart the machinations of corporate greed and fanatical sabotage, and to find the connection between a great tragedy of the past and a potential catastrophe of the present. Our present.

This book may become tomorrow's headline.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Honestly, I cannot wait for more books of the TSI (Time Scene Investigators) group, this novel was just too neat. Placed in modern day with a few chapters in the 1660's this book was a complete page turner filled with anxiety and adventure. The characters come to life and the technology is real. Never was there a dull moment in the reading of this story.

A vast array of personalities were brought together in this cast of characters. Real fears and dilemmas were carried to light and worked through. Who would ever picture a present day doctor having anything in common with a 17th century monk?

In a way parts of the big cooperation are reminiscent to me of the Resident Evil video game, yet there are no zombies in this story. At times I was curious if I were to be overcome by the sorrow in the story, but then there are so many hidden facets of hope through out that as a reader I was carried through. In the end, transformations that needed to take place have occurred and another dawn brightens reminding the reader of all the reasons that God gives us another day.

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