Saturday, August 29, 2009

Guest Review: Sand Sharks

Sand Sharks Sand Sharks by Margaret Maron

When Judge Deborah Knott travels to Wrightsville Beach for a summer conference for North Carolina District Court Judges, she stumbles upon the body of one of her colleagues. Meanwhile, Deborah's husband, Sheriff's Deputy Dwight Bryant, is in Virginia with his son, tying up loose ends left by the death of his first wife. When another judge is found murdered at the conference, it soon becomes evident that Deborah may be the killer's next target. Her relaxing trip to the seaside soon transforms into a harrowing experience, and she must summon all of her strength and investigative expertise to track down the culprit before she becomes the next victim.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Review by my mother:

Sand Sharks is the newest in the Margaret Maron series based on the very likeable, youthful, female judge Deborah Knott. In this novel Deborah is attending a judges’ conference on the shore of North Carolina away from her home near Raleigh, NC. The interaction with her fellow judges and the descriptions of the coastal area of NC were very interesting, but this book was not as good as others in the series. In past books Deborah has been so certain that her marriage to Dwight is absolutely right that her doubts in this book seem out of character for her. There were quite a few characters form past stories, and it seemed that some of this story was just tying in loose threads from the past. The mystery lacked adequate clues for the dedicated reader to figure out who the murderer was and why the crime was committed. Do read it if you like the series. There were quite a few sharks.

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