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#ClothDiapers WoollyBums Review

When my friend Lindsey introduced me to Alicia, the creative mind behind WoollyBums Cloth Diapers I became really excited. This fall is the first introduction of Newborn/Small diapers to her stash of normally One Size fitted diapers. We were able to sample a Newborn Pucci Diamonds fitted diaper as well as a One Size Pink Chickadees and absolutely love them both! AppleBlossom is already on the out growing stage of the Newborn/Small diaper at 11lbs, but these are without a doubt ones that I plan to get the next child round. I like it even better than the Kissaluv's size 0!

Fabric is of premium quality and a fabulous choice of patterns and a bamboo inner layer. Here is a WoollyBums description of the Newborn/Small diaper.

Sweet little newborn bums will fit perfectly in this tiny diaper! If you're planning on having a baby and going with cloth from the get go, these are the perfect solution for your diapering needs. Made with the same bamboo velour as my one-size diapers, these have an inner of organic cotton sherpa so they are a little lighter weight. No snaps will touch baby's skin since they are all encased inside. They come with one lay in soaker (one layer of organic bamboo velour and one of organic cotton sherpa). My newborn diapers have two wing snaps on each side to prevent wing droop as well as a snap down rise to protect that delicate belly button while it heals.

The outer fabric on this diaper is adorable cotton interlock print. This diaper will fit from about 7-14+lbs.

Up to this point, my only experience with fitted diapers has been Kissaluvs size 0 Organic hemp, Kissaluvs size 1 unbleached, and Mother-ease Sandy's size small. (Reviews of these are to come...) Another experience has been a different WAHM fitted diaper. That diaper was the worst ever and really put me away from fitted diapers, plus we had some issues with the Kissaluvs size 0. So, when I was getting these two WoollyBums, I was both nervous and excited with anticipation. In the end I was more than pleasantly pleased.

A fitted diaper is fully made of a super absorbent material that snaps or velcros in place on it's own and then must be used with a water proof cover to prevent leaks. There is an extra step involved, but for the heavy wetter, or nights, or a long car ride these are really ideal. I have also heard that because of the extra absorbency, there is less incidence of diaper rash. Whenever AppleBlossom is sporting one of these WoollyBums as far as diapering is concerned she is all giggles and grins. I would definitely say she is very comfortable in them.

In most brands and types of diapers I have been hesitant to go for OS diapers because they just seem so large on my newborn. With the OS WoollyBums, I can see room for growth, but I have no fears of this diaper being too large on her even at 11lbs. The different layers of snaps make it work so well and be very adjustable. I just love the perfect overlay. Here is the WoollyBums description of the OS diaper that I was given to sample for review:

These diapers are so wonderfully soft and absorbant, you will be addicted the moment you hold one in your hands.

This particular diaper has a layer of cotton interlock knit on the outside in the popular chicks motif, a layer of extra heavy organic bamboo fleece (this is not the bamboo fleece you see everywhere else!) and finally a layer of buttery soft bamboo velour on the inside, they also come with two of my organic bamboo fleece/organic bamboo velour doublers to max out the absorbancy. The wonderful part of it all, is that the 6 layers of bamboo plus the layer of bamboo interlock on the outside will match a diaper that has many more layers in absorbancy but without the bulk! The materials and design provide for lots of stretch to ensure a great fit for any size or shape.

These diapers are made with natural materials that will shrink a tiny bit the first few times you wash them, even though they have been prewashed. No worries, this just means that they are becoming more absorbant!

The bottom soaker snaps into the front when the diaper is unfolded and the second soaker lays on top. For the infant setting, I suggest folding one soaker down and omitting the second one.

These are also designed to fit babies from 12 lbs. on up through potty training. Just fold the front over and snap away. These are what I trust my 2 year old in overnight and we have even been using them as trainers by taking the soakers out and setting the snaps loosely so we can pull it on and off (he's 35+lbs.).

Overall, I am very pleased with the diapers from WoollyBums in both the Newborn/Small fitted size as well as the OS. I look forward to adding more OS diapers to our stash, and for the next child the Newborn/Small size from WoollyBums will be my first choice without question!

My husband's thought: "They are absorbent, soft, love the fit, and they are easy to use."

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Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE the birdie diaper! :-)

Carmen7351 said...

I was just to a baby shower, and believe me, cloth diapers aren't your mother's diapers!!! Darling.

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Yes, the chickadees are fabulous. I love the blue shade too!

This from Alicia:
"...let your readers know that if they mention (convo me) your blog before checkout they can recieve free shipping? Sorry I forgot to tell you that earlier. Thanks again!:)"

So head on over!

Abi said...

I wish they had these designer things when my teen girls were little. I used cloth diapers. Those are just too adorable with the ruffles. Love the pink chicks too.

bekki1820cb said...

I am so glad that I am reading this because I never would have known about these diapers!!! Thanks for sharing your review with us!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

First off, your daughter is adorable, and those Woollybums look adorable on her! LOVE the patterns you chose. I agree with you too... The extra step for more absorbency is totally worth it as far as I'm concerned!

Denise said...

That is so cute!!! Fitted diapers are my favorite. I added her to my Etsy favorites, I'm hoping to need newborn diapers next Summer.

Attila & Tamara said...

Wow. These diapers are SO cute! And I can't believe you think they are better than Kissaluvs. Very tempting!

fancygrlnancy said...

these look super cute and soft. YOur little one looks adorable in them.

Anonymous said...

Great review, I'd be interested to know how these do with older children that sleep through the night.

Little Miss Emmy Lou said...

This is great! I would LOVE to try one of these dipes!

Emily C.

keeley said...

these dipes are adorable! :)

amweeks said...

I love that the OS diapers have room for growth! This was a really good review...thanks!

Garner5 said...

I'm going to be cloth diaper for the first time in Feb. when my daughter is born and these are the most comfortable looking diapers I have seen!

Naddez said...

Thanks for sharing such a informative review on cloth diapers. By the way, your baby is so adorable! :)

TeamOSM said...

These are the CUTEST girly girl diapers I have ever seen!! So cute.

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