Thursday, October 15, 2009

no internet

The internet was about to be set up, but due to a clerical error on the address from their end we have to start all over. Unknown as to when I will be online. In the meantime, check out The Sound of Sleigh Bells. I am half way thru and loving it! Thank you to GA author Cindy Woodsmall for such great Amish Fiction. -MJ
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TeamOSM said...

I didn't know that Cindy Woodsmall was from GA! I've heard her books are really good. =)

UGH to the internet bit, but I'm glad you're all okay!

Michelle V said...

Ack! No internet! That's just inhumane! LOL

Nise' said...

I hope you are up and running soom!

Lynnette Bonner said...

Hope you get settled in and everything back to normal soon!

There is something about the fresh start that a move gives me that energizes me - hope you are finding the same.

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